Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pictures and pictures...

I've been on MC for the last 2 days due to food poisoning.
I swear I'll never take oily food again. This time it's
not only the diarrhea. I started having stomach cramps
after about 4 times visiting the loo. Then my gastric
attack started.
Went to see the doctors twice on Monday and almost
got emitted at the hospital on Monday night.
So now I'm on soft food diet. Have to eat every two hours.
No oily stuff, no meat, no dairy products
(that includes peanut butter), not 'pedas-pedas', no 'keras-keras'
food that's difficult to digest. Basically my stomach
is so upset, it's rejecting all of my favourite food.
Worst thing is Mr. Hubby doesn't let me go to the
gym because of the stomach cramps. I don't have the
energy, anyway...

So, enjoy these pictures, ok?

Pictures taken after watching Superman Returns last Saturday.
Gambar Superman tu macam real.

Pictures from Nita's makan-makan last Saturday.

Pictures from KakMeg's makan-makan last Sunday.


Jade said...

dear kakak,
happy belated birthday... sorry it's one week late.. :-p

hope you're feeling better now.

Angel Eyes said...

Happy belated birthday!

kimi azhan said...

Dee, how are you feeling? Kesian nye... takpe, rest dulu, dah baik nanti nak pegi satu hari ke gym pun tak pe... Try and enjoy the weekend ok!

Leilanie said...

Lah.......... kesian Cik Dee kiter.
Hope you're feeling much better today.

The gambar-gambor nampak syiok - pasti seronok.

DNAS said...

Makacih... makacih... bila nak pegi gym bersama-sama nih, ek?

Makacih... makacih... eh, your blog
URL dah tukar lagi ke? Nanti SMS kat I the new address, ok?

Weekend ni my whole family from kampung nak datang rumah I. So, tak boleh nak rilek jugaklah. Sure kena jadik tourist guide punya.

Nampaknya my latest hobby now is menangkap gambar bebudak dan kekanak yang ceria-ceria sokmo. I found it's a great therapy (besides my retail therapy... hihi).

kimi azhan said...

Dee... you and your shopping! Tapi I agree - window shopping is one of the best "stress relief" exercise..... sapa setuju angkat tangan??? Lanie - don't do that sheepish smile... I know you will say yes...!! hehehehe..

UglyButAdorable said...

oohh..sian..i hope you're feeling betta..