Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is real...

There's nothing wrong with your PC, and there's nothing wrong with these
pictures. It's just that we do put electronic keyboards on our working
tables so that we could play some music and sing whenever we're bored
or feeling suicidal.
Naaaah.... so kelentong... But, these pictures are real. Wenaz redeemed
a few goodies from the principal (yeah, she's a product rept. So whenever
she made a few millions worth of sales, she'll get a lot of points.)
Being such loyal department mate, she let me have the keyboard. The rest
of the team wanted the handphones, so Nok1a handphones they got themselves.
I was thinking of giving my kids the keyboard to fill up their spare times
(I thought it was just a small keyboard usually sold at the toy shops).
When the goodies finally arrived at the office reception, Wenaz and me
was shrieking excitedly upon seeing the keyboard. It's huge. I became
the center of attraction at the office when I brought that thing to level
9. By the end of the day almost everybody in the office knew that I
got myself a brand new Cas1o keyboard.

The funny thing was, when I carried the keyboard into my tiny car, the
security guard (a Nepalese, I supposed) asked, "This company also sells
keyboards? That thing is made in Japan." I laughed out loud and had to
spend about 5 minutes explaining to him on how I got hold of that piece
of instrument.


UglyButAdorable said...

wahh..who's that fren laaahh?? can i have the nokia oso aa??

DNAS said...

syok wooo got generous friends.. Last time she got Parkson Shopping vouchers la, make-up coupons la, then this time she gave us more choices, the Nok1a phones, Sony beans, Cross Pens, table clock and the Cas1o keyboard.

mikamusz said...

kak dayang, nak tumpang main le keyboard tu.. cam best je ada keyboard..

DNAS said...

jemput... jemput.. sila lah datang rumah. Bebudak berdua tu asyik main bunyi percussion je kejenye.

Leilanie said...

Jom kiter jamming!