Friday, August 04, 2006

Mak Dara Superstitious

From left, Kimi, Lanie and DNAS.
Picture taken on 2nd August 06 in front of Pizza Hut@Giant KJ.

You people must be feeling really jealous looking at
the three cheeky ladies smiling like there's no
trouble in this world. Well, life is short, so why
worry. If you wanna read the whole rendezvous story
can always go to Kimi's blog. Surprisingly the three
modernized mothers in the picture believed in superstitious
stuffs. Luckily there's the funny young Amiruddin (the waiter
cum cashier at Pizza Hut) in the background (if your eyes can see
microscopic things, his head was between me and Lanie's).
Yeah, never take photo of 3 people only, otherwise bad luck
will befall on one of you.. (or was it one of you will leave this
world? Ntah, makcik pun tak ingat which version my nenek
told me.)

So, I'm actually having author's block a.k.a kepala blank
these last few days. Maybe it's time for that long awaited
get away or 'ME TIME' as what I read in the women magazine
recently. Come to think of it my last 'ME TIME' was back in

I'm on leave today (as well as yesterday afternoon) with no
agenda. As I was happily surfing this morning I came across
a tourism page featuring 'the SPA in Cyberjaya' ... you know
which one, lah. So, I dialled the number and make an
appointment. So, I'm signing off now, wishing you all a great
weekend ahead and don't drink and drive.

Over and out... tadaaaaaaa!


kimi azhan said...

Dee, you're a live saver... I am not able to download the photo just can read what happen to my phone.. it's U/S now (unservicable). Enjoy yourself at the spa and I'm off to Melaka tomorrow!

Leilanie said...

So, how was the spa session?
syiok ekk...

I had a busy weekend.... shopping for things for the new house.
lah.... penat and draining.

maybe I should go spa-ing, too.
hee hee

DNAS said...

time for a new handphone... yeahoooo! Apa lagi, mintakla N91 pulak ngan your hubby. Pastu mintak dia configure yr email, IM etc etc... boleh blogging from phone nanti. Pastu, record lagu banyak-banyak. Hmmmm bestnyeee...

Must go....! Must go...! Haritu I berendam kat jakuzi tu sampai kecut-kecut tangan... hihihi. Treatment dia pun syok... siap mandi2 bunga lagi, hihihi...