Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ditamatkan Perkhidmatan

My Br*un Buff*l brown handbag has been serving me for almost 2 years. I only have that one handbag eversince. Prior to that I was using a small Gu*ss bag (which could only fit a small handphone, a small purse and my car keys). I used the small bag for over a year too.
On Tuesday, I went to have lunch with a colleague. In the car, he complained on my handbag.

"You have been using this handbag like forever. Are you a man or a woman?"

Yeah, he must have thought that all women buy new handbags forthnightly. So, I simply told him,

"I don't have budget for handbags. I'm a married woman with 2 school-going kids, you can imagine my financial commitment." to which he responded,

"Eh, buy a new one lah... this one looks too 'buruk' already." I just laughed, thinking how nice it would be if I could get a new one for free.

Then, yesterday, as I was rushing in the rain to the gym, I grabbed my loyal handbag from the passenger seat. That was when I realised it was torn, there was a few inces tear near the zipper. I could see my house keys, purse, lipstick, lipgloss and eye shadow inside.

I suddenly felt so bad. Well, maybe the theory is right. Never discuss about replacing your old stuff with a new one in the presence of the old stuff. It's just like discussing about buying a new car inside your car. Before you know it, it will start breaking down without warning, showing some 'sickness' sympthoms and refuses to function as per normal.

So, after gym, I headed straight to a few handbag shops at IOI mall. Then, after about 20 minutes, I made up my mind. I bought this:

This time my handbag is not branded and not expensive, but it's practical and the look is rather 'bling-bling', okay.... When I brought it home, my kids really admired it, they even helped me transfer my stuff from the old handbag to the new one. I named my new handbag as 'Goldeneye'... demam James Bond maaaa....


Angel Eyes said...

Women and their shoes. And handbags as well.

Nice bag sis!

Mine for now... i'll stick to my Tod's.

DNAS said...

u're also the stick-to-one-handbag type ke? Hi hi...

Leilanie said...

Hallo Goldeneye.
Pleased to meet you online.
Will hope to meet you face-to-bag soon.

cikPijah said...

u tau.. i kann.. last year.. demam henbeg terukkk ok. every 2 months beli henbeg baru :p.. but now dah almost 1 year tak beli baru. dah gian balik nieeeeeyyy.

Idham said...

here is voting a YES to ur choice of a handbag...Nice one!


dillazag said...

i stick to one handbag too. most of the time, i cilok from my mom.
heh heh heh

Jade said...

yer.. yer... sheryl dan beg kuning nya... hehe...

DNAS said...

my fren tanya kenapa tak beli yg black and white checked box ... barula ada gaya Casino Royale.

Cik P,
aritu I beli kat kedai kasut Princess tu. Tak taupun diorang ada jual handbag gak.

kat Jeddah kalau ada handbag yang lawa-lawa tu, rekemenle kat kitorang. You post kat sini, nanti kita hantar money transfer kat u, boleh?

u syiok laaa... your mom is forever the glamorous. Kalau kita jadik awak pun, everyweek kita cilok handbag dia... hee hee...
Mintak maaf aunty Zizah.... selamat hari raya aunty Zizah...

laaaa terlupa nak ajak you join kitorang sekali kat Ikano aritu... anyway, we're having another monthly meet up @ The Curve/Ikano sometime this week. Tengah pikir2 agenda nih. Tunggule invitation from Queen.

kimi azhan said...

Dee... I love the bag! Nampak sgt practical and cute can tuan dia... I pun dok aim beli bag ni, kalau boleh yg muat buku sebiji dua dan file A4 size - maklum le, jan 07 ni nak start kelas masters.. masih dlm kategori pikir-pikir dulu...

Anonymous said...

I'm not married nor have kids but I am a one-bag-at-a-time type of person too! My excuse? I'm just too lazy to keep transfering stuff from one bag to another.

Anyway, nice blog you have here.. just discovered after blog-hopping from kak spena's!