Monday, May 28, 2007

The mamaks I love

Well, this is not the story about how I tried to mengorat a mamak senior back in Uni days. hehehe... but he sure was hot, I tell you! Although mamak kind of guys were definitely not my taste back then (even now!), that guy was an exception. Hey, I'll tell you about him later, lah.
Today, I'm posting some shots I took at my nearest mamak stall.. oooops... they insist I should call it Mamak Bistro nowadays...

Okay, that's quite a Bistro... with balcony, mister and retractable (mechanical?) awning (betulke awning nama benda tu? ada nama lain tak?)

This is the smallest flat tv at this Bistro. (The other one is a projection TV with a huge white screen that they'd have on whenever there's an important football match!)They usually switched to National Geographics or Animal Planet, I like!
Maybe next time I'll get them to switch to channel 77 (Discovery Home & health) during weekends, but ermmm... maybe not because last weekend they showed breast augmentation procedure. (Hahahahah now some of you suddenly decide to watch DH&H tonight, betul tak? betul tak? Gotcha!)

I always go bananas over bananas, and this one is niiiiiiice!

If they could have a water feature like this in the Bistro, it would be even niiiiiiicer!

Hey, I didn't snap photos of the food because I'm sure you all have a basic idea of how they all look like. :)... and they all look the same at every Mamak.

This section is dedicated to everybody who is getting married this school holidays.
I hope all of you have a wonderful married life. Stick to your spouse through thick and thin. Appreciate them like you appreciate your own life. I'll post on the 'dice game' whenever I can find the time, okay? I've shared it with my NSSC gang, and they just luuuuurve it!
To the happily in love couples who are planning to get married soon, i'd really appreciate it if you all can have the receptions bukan semasa cuti sekolah. Hehehehe... Wedding yang berderet-deret ini sangat men'depress'kan makcik, wahai adik-kakak sekalian... hehehehe.

Eh, look! Look what I found at 7Eleven Taman K1nrara this morning!!! These 2 are Darabif products. They are chicken and beef serunding. Recommended retail price is RM1.40 per packet. I think they call this convi-packet (sebab sangat convenient - satu packet boleh ngap sekali terus). There's a Halal stamp on the packet, so boleh makan dengan hati yang lapang.


Azer Mantessa said...

i'm surprised that mamaks nowadays are into tom yam. better plak tuuu

not sure shud they belong into mamak category but rekha, sharmila tagore and zeenat aman were my earliest sex idols.

Angel Eyes said...

jom mamak!

srikanditunfatimah said...
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Mr Incognito said...

Just had nasi lemak bungkus at a mamak this morning. no bananas though.

D.N.A.S said...

not only tomyam. They also have western, satay, nasi lemak, otak2. Nak monopoli kot.
Agreed, Rekha was hot and still is. You don't like Shabana Azmi,eh?

jom meng'kopi' at mamak!

Mr. I,
eat banana after working out. Syiok!