Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag... jangan tak tag (I don't know why the content refused to appear)

Nik, I buat my homework Nik. Tapi homework I kena makan ngan kucing. Heheheh. Just kidding. Memang betul, when I first published this entry, nothing came out. I just let it be for 2 days. Only now I revisit.

Here are my answers:

1) How often do you shower? Not-gym days: twice daily. Gym-going days: thrice daily. Gym-going plus a lot of house chores days: 4 times a day.

2) How often do you make up your bed? Once a week. It’s a fitted sheet, and I live with 3 boys, okay. I don’t see the point of making the bed.

3) How often do you wash your car? Never. Always drive to the nearest car wash – fortnightly.

4) How often do you sweep/mop the floors? Sweep – twice a week. Mop – once a month (done by the Indon cleaning lady).

5) How often do you shower your pets? I don't have pets.

6) How often do you see the dentist? Once in 5 years. Haha.

7) How often do you buy perfume? Whenever the one I’m using is almost finished! Or whenever I go to the duty free area in airports. That goes the same with head scarves, too!

8) How often do you go for manicure & pedicure? Not in my dictionary.

9) How often do you go to a spa? Every quarter.

10) How often do you go shopping? Twice a day. Lunch hour, after office hour.

11) How often do you travel out of your country? Whenever I can.

12) How often do you have sex? Whenever one of us is in the mood.

Seee!..... seeeee! I don't have that Monica's syndrome. I'm very the flexible one. Seriously, I don't really care if the living hall looks like kapal karam or Karam Singh sekalipun. When I'm lazy, I'm lazy. When I'm rajin, siaplah semua orang kena kerah dengan I.... heheheh.


halwafy said...


We seem to be reading some similar blogs and would just like to say hi to you..

Takut nanti kang kalau tak tegur kena cop 'rude'...he he he

I do visit your blog once in a while and enjoy reading your entries..

Take care.

nikfarizah said...

Are you sure the content refused to appear??....or you just refused to do your homework...hehehehhe!!

D.N.A.S said...

terima kasihlah sudi datang bertandang. Akak sukeee! Biasalah tu terjumpa-jumpa kat cyber space. kekadang tu nice surprise jugak bila ternampak muka orang yang kita kenal kat dalam comment box blogger lain. Terasa macam alaaaaahai keciknya dunia.

yeay! yeay! tag saya dah keluar. Don't ask me why dia taknak keluar semalam. Opening belum cukup 10cm kot, that's why tak boleh keluar. Hahahahah.