Thursday, May 03, 2007

There goes the 7 days

I was down with flu and cough the first 3 days. On the third day, the gastric came and had to visit the doctor. You see, gastric attack is like an annual event to me, who has been getting it since 1990.

Waz1f and me at the clinic.
The doctor asked whether I was pregnant. Hahaha... She also asked whether I've taken any medicines that I was allergic to, I couldn't think of any. Then, after a few days, I looked at my cough syrup bottle and saw that it has side effects on the stomach. Yikes! No wonder.

Despite the flu, cough and gastric, we went back to my hometown. Got my mom to massage out all the 'angin' that has accumulated inside my body due to gastric. Learned that Daf1 Af5 is actually the son of our ADUN. Hahaha, that's why he looks so familiar!

These are my only two nieces in the family, the Glamor Girls. The rest are 5 nephews and my 2 sons. I know, I know... my mom is silently wishing that my sister in law is now carrying a baby girl.

Came back to KL the next day. My gastric got a bit better. So we went for a wheel-ride.

We've been planning for the ride ever since January this year. We even came to Titiwangsa at night, right before closing; but there were so many people and we couldn't even get a parking spot.

They're busy looking for fish in Tasik Titiwangsa. My son swore he saw a big fish from inside the wheel's gondola. I bet he imagined it. Mr. Hubby was being supportive and joined the fish observation. Not five minutes later, they lost interest and started screaming, 'Ice cream! Ice cream! I want ice cream!'

So, we went to have ice cream and kuih pau at the stalls near the entrance. I was surprised that the food price here was considered cheap unlike some other local entertainment/recreational places. There's also a mamak stall near the ice cream stall for visitors who just couldn't live without their teh tarik for more than 3 hours. Hehe. Actually, right in front of the wheel there's another cafe that sells frappucino, fruit juice and snacks but I don't think it's the right concept for Malaysians, as they didn't erect any kind of shade or at least small umbrellas!

Bird's eye view of the tiled slabs in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (viewed from top of the wheel). Went to Sg Buloh the next day and bought 5 more stepping stones. Heheheh! They looked good in my laman. Now I can't wait to go to Sg. Buloh again. Ka ching! Ka ching! Lanscape investment... what can I say.

Even after 5 months, Malaysians masih bersesak-sesak dan berebut-rebut nak naik wheel ni. Go have a ride while it's still here!

Another view from inside the gondola. I wished it was a roller coaster. I asked my second son, how was the ride and he said, 'Tak best, dia pusing tak laju pun.' So, that made the two of us!

Hey, don't let that statement deter your excitement to go for the wheel-ride. My kids might not enjoyed it, but your children maybe are different. My two sons are way too adventurous that sometimes I think I should just let them stay with my mom in Bera and have a ball of their life; climbing coconut trees, 'terjun tiruk' in Sungai Pahang, or go 'menjermal ikan' with my cousins. I don't think, they'd ever want to come back to KL after that. Hehe.

Updated at 7.30pm

Here's how the garden looks now!

Now that the Guru Pokok has requested I post my garden pictures here, I went home after fetching the kids and snapped two shots. These are not the best angles, but I couldn't bring out the ladder, I had to be content with these two.

Notice the 5 newly bought slabs from Sg. Buloh. On the right hand side of the picture on your right, is my rose corner. They've been blooming ever since two weeks ago and now still going, non-stop. Now I wonder whether I chose the right fertilizer. Well, nothing serious actually, I'm just afraid they'll turn into some kind of mutants. Erk... scary!

The rest of the laman is still undergoing massive nip/tuck and I found it rather not presentable to public at the moment. Be patient my dearests, I will feature more shots here in a few months' time.


nikfarizah said...

Beli stepping stone kat sg buluh...???....ambik la gambar garden..nak tengok.

Tak best ye naik Eye of Malaysia tu??? I paling tak suka bersesak-sesak beratur.....

D.N.A.S said...

nanti i ambik gambar garden I tu.

Nak naik Eye of Malaysia tu sekarang beratur dah tak panjang sgt, it's just that... panas lah..

Azer Mantessa said...

sleep is the best medicine :-)

haku gayat aaa tgk wheel tu ... mang tak berani ... erks ... yikes

D.N.A.S said...

tak rasa apa pun naik wheel tu, dia gerak lemah gemalai je. Gondola tu pun steady je, tak bergoyang. Tu yang kurang thrill tu....

Spena said...

Bila nak ajak kite pi evaluate your garden? So now can't have any bar-b-que anymore is it? hehehe....anyway tukang bakar setia dah takde. Kena employ orang lain pulak.

D.N.A.S said...

space untuk buat BBQ still ada.
Tapi, nak kena cari/import pembakar setia yang baru lah pulak.

Leilanie said...

wah...... we're such good students, kan. Nik must be very proud of our initiatives.

Your garden looks lovely. And your roses........... hmm.... kalau it mutate, you cut it up ..... Pasti it will reproduce and will bloom even more. hee hee hee.

nikfarizah said...

I suka tengok fern tu....SUBURnyaaaaa and i love roses too!! ..and btw, garden you luas ekk...mine cuma selangkah je..hehehe. Tanamlah heliconias by the fence ....mesti lagi cantik.

DNAS said...

the roses bloom bermusim. I noticed when bunga2 uncle rumah sebelah tu tengah banyak, nanti rose I pun berbunga. Bunga kertas tu pun keluar ikut mood jugak.

luas ke? Itule namanya ilusi optik... heheheh.
I mmg plan to have more heliconias or maybe keladi gergasi tu kat tepi pagar. Tengoklah dulu, macamana.

Nour said...

Alamak..looking at the wheel just gives me the "gayat" feeling..How was it?? Stable tak?? I am always scared of heights..tapi berminat gak ni..:)

Ohh you have green fingers..your pokok looks sihat..:)

UglyButAdorable said...

hahahaa..memang ler slow benda tu...

tu penyakit buluh..samer ngan my mom..big disease!!!

dillazag said...

Nak naik!!! nak naik!!! But i wonder if i could be patient enough to finish the ride.... hmmm...

D.N.A.S said...

gerenti tak takut punya. Tak rasa bergoyang pun. That's why tak thrill.

bukan disease kot.... ketagihan je.. hahaha.

masa I naik, I tak sabar2 nak turun. I think naik keta I lagi thrill.