Monday, November 05, 2007

Ikat Perut Mode

I’ve been pigging out like nobody’s business at the open houses and at KT last weekend. This morning I woke up with a new resolution. Ikat perut to the max. You can take that literally. If I could find a c-sect scar friendly traditional girdle, I’ll be tying my abs for the next month or so. Heh, all women wants to look pretty in the mirror, prettier than their friends and the prettiest girl in the husband’s eyes, right?

So, when the pants suddenly felt tighter than usual and the bathroom scale is telling that you’ve gain some unneeded pounds, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘God, I’m getting fatter!’ When I rummaged through my lingerie drawer this morning, I was so frustrated to realize that I’ve thrown away my old girdle I used to wear to office after giving birth to Shawqi.

Argh, had to resort to plan B: Do some cardio exercise during lunch hour.

Sometimes I’m amazed at my level of intelligence (perasan alert! Please don’t puke). Other than burning an extra 1,500KCalories (if I do it every work day), it will also prevent me from my usual impulse buying and those expensive lunches. However now I have to come up with a plan on how to sustain the energy level from 9 a.m until the time I complete my workout. It seemed like I’ll either have to start cooking in early morning or ‘tapau’ something from the breakfast stalls.

Another strong reason for all this ‘ikat perut’ thingy is that my car road tax and insurance are expiring this month and I forgot to set aside enough money for this. Hehehehe. Iyelah, apasallah mati time after raya, memanglah makcik pokai. To make matters worse, Wazif will start his Primary One next year. I’m really lazy and afraid to do the math but I guess I’ll be in ‘ikat perut’ mode for the next 3 months. Itulah pasal, time shopping tak ingat dunia. Bila nak kena pakai banyak duit, baru nak insaf.

Maybe I should start a Cause in Facebook. It is going to be called ‘Help save the shopaholic moms during year end’. You can join, invite friends or donate. Hehehe. It’s a really good cause. You see, shopaholic moms are really generous people. You donate to me, I’ll belanja you later (when I have enough money to spend, spend and spend again).

That just reminded me that I need to buy that gorgeous cotton top at Ms Read. This is based on ‘need to’ basis okay, not the ‘have to’ basis. In case you’re confused, ‘need to’ means I really need it, like the plants that need water and the ‘kumbang’ that needs ‘bunga’. If I don’t have enough money to buy it, I will ‘pujuk sedaya mungkin’ my other half to buy it for me. Hihihihi.

‘Have to’ means something that I’ve gotta have because of some influencing factors like, there’s a long pants that will surely match with that blouse and the ensemble will make my waist looks 9 inches smaller or the girl at 5th floor told me once that I’ll look like a goddess if start wearing such cuts. Guys, please take note, okay. Woman is a mysterious creature. You have to know how to read between the lines (or between the comma, apostrophe and exclamation mark).

So, I actually went to the gym this afternoon for my cardio session and managed to burn off a total off 320 KCalories. Yeay, what an achievement! I walked out of the gym door wearing a very proud smile and headed to the nearest stall to buy some fruit juice. I was surprised to find an old Ah Pek operating the stall and he’s selling all kinds of Western and Chinese food. I looked around for the usual ‘brader’ but he’s not there. It occurred to me that he’s sold the business. Haiyya…. Too bad for me. Since my tummy was growling and it was already 2pm, I made a beeline to the ice-cream box and grabbed a Drumstick. Yeah, I know what you have in mind. There goes the 320 KCalories! Heh, I’m Dayang. I’m not good at doing simple Maths. That explains why I get along so well with bimbos. Hahaha.


all jazzed up said...

This Raya thing. It's not good. Now my tummy has expanded and I just need to keep eating in order to keep my sanity. So literally, ikat perut. Both on food and shopping. What else to do? Blog lorrr...

ardy said...

Ah, dilemma, dilemma. When you eat, you gain weight. When you shop, you have less money to spend.

If only money grows on tree and extra fat can be shed off like a snake changing skin.

WANSHANA said...

Hahaha! So kelakar la you...

I gained all the weight lost during Ramadhan a week after I habis Puasa Enam, and felt very angry with myself. So, I started puasa Isnin Khamis and skip rice during lunch (just take the protein and veges).

So far, so good (but, dunno sampai bila boleh tahan niii....Sigh...)

Gym?!! Errr... maybe next month (or the next? or the next next month?!)

D.N.A.S said...

suddenly the tummy tuck thingy comes to mind. Hmmmmm....

i wish money grows like the weeds on my laman so that in the morning I can water the plants, pick the money and then off to work.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
Jom lah pegi gym.... jommmmm....

This afternoon I was doing power walk on the treadmill and beside me was a 50+ makcik. She was running !!!

It's never too late to start working out.

Spena said...

K.Shana...ok tu no rice and vege and meat diet only.It will work-trust me.I've done that.

Btw, how come you people put on so much weight? So far, I've not attended(being invited to) any open house yet and Raya dah nak habis. Well, positive thinking - takdelah sebok pasal berat naik.

Dnas - jom gi brisk walk kat lake garden instead, nak tak? I would prefer that then on those machines in the gym.Taman Tun has a nice place to walk.Meen , jomlah...

D.N.A.S said...

entahle. The downside of being invited to kenduri and parties. Kalau aku jadik Socialite macam Paris Hilton tu agaknya dah beratus-ratus KG dah berat aku sekarang ni. Hehehehe.

Aku dulu selalu gak pegi brisk walking kat Tmn Tun punya park tu masa zaman-zaman aku baru nak start workout semula after jadik couch potato for more than 5 years.

all jazzed up said...

Spena and Dayang, I can actually run around the Kg Warisan compound beneath the green canopy of trees and the chirping of birds.. tak yah nak gi Taman Tun / Lake Gardens. Masalahnya - MALAS!

lilyliverbird said...

No one goes to their deathbed saying, 'i wish i had done more cardio'.

Eat. :P

Nour said...

I understand you totally!! Compulsive shopping kalau raya mesti teroff budget sikit.
I am guilty as charged...I have been pigging out too with those raya open house and good food at home..Tak tahan dugaan sungguh and now just like you I am planning to cut off rice..Wish me luck!

cikPijah said...

i ponteng gym for 2.5 months!! now slowly getting back to the gym ritual. tapi hari nieh lupa bwk gym shoes and swim suit pun tarak!! huuwwaaaa!!! terpaksa mkn byk :p

D.N.A.S said...

if I were you, I pun taknak lari2 kat Kg. Warisan tu. Kalau jiran nampak, maluuuuu...

i am so going to follow your advice.
How comforting... hahahaha.

one of the instructors at gym told me once that it's better to cut off oil and fat because carbo can be easily burned (that is if you exercise regularly, lah...)
Otherwise, you'll have to cut off on white rice, white bread, potato, corn, anything oily and fatty....

Cik Pijah,
another good reason to pig out - Terlupa bawak gym attire. In order for the body to work harder we have to eat more. Boleh tak, buat teori camtu?

John F SeaDemon said...

I always dream about exercising. When I was first diagnosed as being hypertensive, I tried brisk walking...but halfway I was presyncope and crashed onto the road.

Last week I started brisk walking again. Did one-hour of it. After the third day, I had backaches...the momento from my skydiving days.

And I'm back to dreaming about exercising.

D.N.A.S said...

I did the exact same thing (dreaming abt exercising) for so many years.
Until one day, I discovered the gym.
I get bored easily, I need most of the equipment in the gym so that I could vary my exercises.

Now I do a lot of circuit training: 20 minutes of cycling - rest 2 minutes - 20 minutes of power walk - rest 2 minutes - 20 minutes of rowing - rest 2 minutes - 10 minutes of stomach crunch. Pastu balik rumah.