Monday, January 28, 2008

Acara balik kampung koi

It has been about 3 months since we last balik kampung. I blamed it on weekend project tasks. Too bad I can't claim double when it comes to working on weekends. Cheh.
Kebetulan, it was my eldest anak sedara punya birthday that weekend. He just turned 18 and enjoying his freedom and young life like nobody's business. Look at his hair! My god, this is the first time I have an anak sedara berambut karat, okeh. I couldn't guess whether he bleached or colored it.

His name is Anik and we are certainly confused with his chosen hairstyle this New Year. Is it supposed to be punkish or 'Ah Beng'ish? Anyway, he's enjoying his honeymoon period - just finished SPM. Come March he'll be getting really serious thinking about his future, I guess.

Since Maklang Dayang was so pokai to buy him any iPod Nano or new handphone, Anik was only getting these cuppies, lah. He took a few spoonfuls of his cakes, then vanished into the night to join his nocturnal friends. Guys.... teenage guys... At times I felt so tempted to tell Anik and his friends that one day they'll be the ones paying the bills. But, then again, I'm not the parent.... so takkan nak lebih-lebih pulak, kan?

The rest of the cuppies were put in another box. This pic was taken before the journey. When we arrived at my mom's place all the cuppies were senget benget because of all the konar baring along the Kuala Kelawang road.

The best thing about balik kampung (from Wazif and Shawqi's perspectives) is getting the chance to ride in this jeep with the uncles and cousins - dan tak payah pakai seat belt pulak tu. Will never get the chance to do this in KL. By the way, the jeep was from WW2 period. It has been with the family ever since I could remember. My brother (seen driving the jeep in this pic) took all the trouble to re-register the vehicle in Negeri Sembilan. All the engine, tyres and accessories are new. The original paint was greenish like army jeeps jaman dolu-dolu lah. This is the most successful pimp-my-ride in our family history so far. Wait till I pimp-my-jazz pulak. Hehe.


Zetty said...

harus tau makcik nak berangan naik jeep putih tu sambil gerbang2 rambut ala-ala gubra.

john f seademon said...

Which Jazz do you plan to pimp? If it is the correct Jazz, I'll buy..hahaha!

Anonymous said...

waaaaaa dan besar anik ni ... lama aku tak jumpa diorg, adik dia apa nama yea aku lupa dah ... dah brapa umur budak tuh ... uik makin lawa ko punya cuppies ... Deqnon

Jade said...

ish.. ish.. ish.. adik ku yg di college itu pun sudah karat rambut nya. but the reason was because, he was on of the "hair model" for his friends.. ada mcm test in the college.. :-p hmm.. if i'm not mistaken, they actually bleach and colour the hair... haih..

nak cupcake.... after all... i did celebrate my big three-oh kan? pretty puhleasssseee...

kimi azhan said...

Dee, cupcakes you makin lawa lah. I masih belum start on that chapter. Assignment uni dah makin banyak, kerja opis toksah nak cerita lah! public holiday pun kena kerja now ni... stress + bengang + penat. tak tahu nak menjerit ke nak nangis tengok you all bercuti-2 malaysia... best nyer la..

D.N.A.S said...

jom le datang Bera, boleh naik jeep beramai-ramai.

you'll buy? Sure? I'm not selling lah.

nak kena experiment decorating techniques yang lebih canggih lepas ni. Jom masuk class.

ha'ah, last time we celebrated beramai-ramai was your birthday last year, kan?

i tak cuti pun. Balik kampung tak sampai 24 hours. Nasib baik kampung dekat.

Idlan said...

anak sedara kat UK bila nak visit kak dayang? Hehehe.

east43street said...

Bila dah balik KL nanti, boleh ke kalau-kalau nak order the cupcakes tu. Warna biru lebih sikit aaa....

D.N.A.S said...

kalau nak visit anak sedara kat UK tu kena ambik cuti 5 minggu. :)

nak order? silaa.... silaaaa... bayar through PayPal, ok? Saya tak pandai guna maybank2u.