Saturday, January 12, 2008

While waiting for these servers to complete installing....

I’m working this weekend – Saturday and Sunday night. No time-off on the week days. I’ll be working until next weekend. :( Obviously I have to find jobs that are not IT related. Being in IT industry sucks BIG TIME. The money and excitement used to be good, but now maybe I have reached a plateau. I believe I should make a BIG CAREER CHANGE this year. (Resolution No. 1)

While waiting for this server I’m working on to complete its installation (which will take about 50 minutes more!!!!!), I opened my blog and realized that SD has tagged me. I think I can nickname him John ‘diver-tagger’ Sea Demon. Apasallah kau suka betul tag aku dengan kengkawan aku, ye? Tapi ok jugak kena tag, kalau tak I pun tak tau apa benda nak tulis kat sini.

The rules are: mention that you’ve been tagged and by whom. Then write 8 random facts about yourself. After that, tag 8 more people and make their day (or make they curse you… hahaha)

Okaylah, I present to you the 8 random facts about me that most of you don’t know:

1. My late grandfather was a Silat guru. He taught the grandfather of the current Sultan of Pahang. Some of my relatives call me Cucu Pendekar. When I was 5 I asked my late atuk sedara (younger brother of my late grandfather) to teach me silat. He said ‘Tak boleh, dema ni daroh panas. Kalau aki ajor dema, takut nanti dema saloh guna.’
That’s why I ended up taking Taekwondo in STF.

2. I am not fashionable and I don’t really appreciate fashion. In other words, I’m fashion blind. I think that explains my conservative clothes and the fact that I’m still using the same Red handbag ever since February 2007.

3. I have passion in writing and theatre, but got discouraged when I was in Uni. Really long story, I think I should write a novel about it. (Resolution No. 2)

4. When I first ate tempe back in STF, I was fenin lalat for a few days.

5. I first ate pasta in 1997 – when I started dating my then bf, now Mr. Hubby.

6. The stupidest thing I’ve ever done was continued sleeping in the midst of the big Turkey earthquake in 1999. I only realized how stupid it was when I saw my mom’s face when I returned to kampong a few days after that.

7. I am not that adventurous. The most adventurous activity I’ve done was kayaking in Tasik Cini. Maybe I should start doing more adventurous things this year. (Resolution No. 3)

8. I know crochet and sewing, learned them from my late grandmother. I used to sew my own baju kurungs during my Uni days. Maybe I should become Malaysian Martha Stewart some day, because I’m also good at ignoring people during Talk Show. Hahaha.

So, I’m tagging the following beautiful people:

1. Sweet Leilanie
2. Naddy (cannot link directly)
3. Kimi
4. Zura (apabila sawangnya telah hilang….)
5. Eyna
6. Sheryl
7. Jade
8. Nour

Sila… sila…. Jangan segan-segan….


john f seademon said...

Ahahahaah! Finally! Good one. At least it kept you occupied. Don't blame me, blame the weather. My underwater job at Kemaman port got postponed because of the recent huge waves. So since I feel miserable not being able to breathe underwater, I like making others feel miserable as well.

Hmm...IT. Hehehe. Not such a good world to be in for too long. I left that world 2 years ago now, and opted to go underwater.

Jade said...


all jazzed up said...

"I first ate pasta in 1997".. Biar betul lu, madam????? Nasib baik ek jumpa BF yang cultured. Hahahahah.. OK la i better shut up SD tagged me as well and I am only halfway through.

Angel Eyes said...

Ayoyoyoo.. kena buat ker?


tempe itu best ok!

Nour said...
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Nour said...

I love tempe...yummy yummy!! Tempe penyet ke, tempe goreng ke or tempe masak lemak pun...I suka...:)

Okla..looks like I have to start typing something since I have been tagged!

D.N.A.S said...

if i leave IT, i'd like to go and explore outerspace. Bwahahahaha.

sila.... sila... jangan malu dan segan2.

hahaha, jangan tak tau.... first time makan mee hailam was during our dorm party masa kat STF. So, I was a late bloomer in food exploration.

D.N.A.S said...

ha'ah.... tak boleh escape. Pastu, tak boleh copy kawan punya.... hehehehe.

tempe penyet tu yang mana satu? yang bersalut rempah ratus tu ke?

AM said...

#1 and #8 = wow!

Sarclover said...


My grandpa told me the same thing when i wanted to take up silat. he said i darah panas.. so allergic sket if belajor silat.

agaknya kalau kita amik, kot ngamuk je la memanjang