Monday, February 18, 2008

Are you afraid to sleep in the dark?

Last night I had the scariest nightmare of all time. Well actually I had 2 nightmares, with a short interval (sebijik macam Hindi movie). In the first one, I was at my mom’s place watching her and my elder brother (how awkward because this never happens in real life) doing the dishes after lunch. We were chatting happily when all of a sudden a black snake appeared in the kitchen sink. I was screaming at the top of my lungs while my mom and elder brother just froze; exactly like when you press the Pause button on your DVD remote control. But the snake and only the snake moved; it was staring at me with its green, shiny, mean eyes. That was when I woke up with a shudder, drenched in sweat and was coughing hysterically; I thought my throat was going to pop out.

When the cough subsided, I threw off the blanket and wiped my sweat before entering the dreamland again. I thought I'd be able to just shake the image of the black snake and have a peaceful sleep, boy I was wrong.

The second nightmare was even scarier: I was in a horror flick. I didn’t know how it started but I was starred in a horror movie. It was about local university students turning into cannibals. The backdrop was a residential college where male and female students stayed in unisex dormitories. I guess you can picture the place, with beds lined up on two sides of the dorm, shared toilets, laundry room and surau (hmph, I just described an asrama sekolah co-ed).

So, in this residential college there are 3 groups of teens (gosh, I was starred as a teenager in this movie – I couldn’t help but wonder why): the good ones, the bad ones and the don’t-care ones (pelakon tambahan a.k.a pak pacak ajelah diorang ni). I belonged to the good teens group (yippee).

I didn’t know how the movie started, all I could remember was it was just any normal college life until one day one of the guys from the don’t-care teens’ group disappeared. His remains were later found in the nearby bushes – half eaten. Police started investigating the case and found the bite marks were from human, not to mention the saliva and other biological proofs found on the remains – all belonged to a few other human. While the police was busy investigating, collecting samples etc, a few more teenagers from the don’t-care group disappeared and were later found in a condition similar with the first victim.

My group – the good teens, suspected that a few of the bad teens were cannibals. Their appearances were deceiving: one was mamat surau (OMG, mamat surau living in a co-ed dorm!), one was a Maths tutor and the rest were top scorers in class.
We started to spy on the bad teen group. Much to our surprise, they had a kind of ritual each night. I don’t know how to describe here but it was an unusual ritual, lah; with incoherent chanting, circling big fire in thongs and all those stuff.

Soon after the bad teens found out that my group knew about them, they started hunting us down – one by one. That was the time when my friends started disappearing one after another until I was the only one left (was I the heroine of this horror flick, then? Hmmmm… maybe).

The climax of the movie was the chief cannibal (that mamat surau off course!) was chasing me all around campus. I had to fight him with whatever I could find: broomsticks, waste paper basket, bricks etc. In the end, I lost and the chief cannibal ate me. Scary, huh? Any writer interested to put this on the silver screen?

So, this morning I woke up with a very foul mood and the stupid traffic added more to it. If that's not enough, my x-boss rubbed some more salt by telling me the increment I'm getting this year - which is so ciput I'd rather act in a cheap horror flick.

Well, anybody would like to 'menterjemah' the nightmares? Sila... sila...


eyna said...


kata org warga emas, kalau mimpi ular belit badan u, maknanya nak kawin... tapi ular ni stare je.. so apa ek!!

D.N.A.S said...

ular tu keluar dekat my mom. Mungkinkah my mom nak kawin? Hmmmm.... musykil jugak ni.

wanshana said...

My interpretation - Ada sorang Mamat Surau (Pak Imam? Bilal? Tok Siak kat kampung) yang berkenan kat somebody close to you in your family (your sister? your Mom?) and tengah planning nak masuk meminang...Possible?

john f seademon said...

DNAS...ular tu keluar near your mom and your brother froze? Memang ada orang berkenan kat your mom and your brother tak berapa berkenan but cannot do anything. Look out for guys who wear green contact lenses. banyak sangat main Vampires and Zombies applications on Facebook.

Lain dari tu mungkin ada orang kata your cooking tak sedap, and since it's co-ed, you better check with your hubby if he thinks your cooking dah mula tak sedap. Hahaha!



Zetty said...

lepas i consulted with makcik kantin tadik...dia kata the green, shiny, mean eyes snakes represents lelaki gatal yg nak ngorat u.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak shana,
i don't have any sister. My mom is the only single in the family. But then again, Tok Siak kampung I dah ada wife.

my cooking memang tak sesedap yg kat kedai sebab I dah kurangkan garam and Ajinomoto is banned from entering my kitchen.

hari Jumaat nanti, kena tanya makcik kantin tu sekali lagi.

AphroditeKuzz said...

mimpi mainan tidoq kak oii...

*bilala i nak mimpi kena patuk ulaq ni*

Zara in Germany said...

heheh lawakla. and yang bestnya, you still kan recollect the whole event...macam tgk movie aje. anyway, i wonder what you saw in your dream lepas kna makan dah habis?

lilyliverbird said...

I admit i didnt read your post after the first para, in case it's a cerita hantu..

She who sleeps with the lights on even at this age. Koi memang bapak penakut awok

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

They sell these books untuk menterjemahkan mimpi-mimpi, into 4 digits! You should have a look at them. Kelakar gak. I think ular is 606. Mimpi buang air pun ada nombor gak!