Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Duck That Refuses to Die

OMG, this is so scary.
Tim Burton should make a movie out of this, but Johnny Depp is definitely not going to be the duck.

ALOR GAJAH: A duck that refuses to die after having its throat slit twice has become the talk of Masjid Tanah here.
Bahari Ali, 44, said he slit its throat about 7.45am on Sunday, but found it alive hours later.

The poultry farmer said the duck's throat had nearly been severed, but it was none the worse for it.

"Its throat had a large cut but the duck was still breathing," he said.

After observing the duck for 15 hours, Bahari sought the help of an imam to finish the job.
However, the duck did not die even after the imam slit its throat a second time.

Bahari said he had expected the duck to be dead by morning, but found it waddling around as usual.

"It is beginning to smell bad and cannot eat because of the two cuts. But it is still doing what it normally does in its coop," he added.

Look at that! Eww, ewwer, ewwest!!

-----------------------------From NST Online -------------------------------------

Perhaps, Johnny Depp should be the imam who tried to finish the job.


Anonymous said...

They should try blowing its head off.

That is how they normally kill zombies.

wanshana said...

Alamak dnas...this somehow reminds me of Stephen King's 'Pet Cemetery'...

D.N.A.S said...

nanti kena pegi Masjid Tanah, kasi tau dia.

...tapi Kak Shana,
itik ni belum mati-mati. Camana nak tanam kat Pet Cemetery?

Da Winged Acrophobic said...

They should make a movie based on this ala 'Black Sheep'.

east43street said...

Ada update tak. Hari ni dah mati ke belum?

Anonymous said...

Kalau tak mati jugak then try putting a human larynx in the hole and see what it has to say.

Untung-untung ada nombor ekor dia sebut...mana year.

Zara in Germany said...

serious ke itik tu? ngeri gakla...darah tak memancut2 kuar ke bile depa potong tu?

Zetty said...

fuh! giller freaky news ni. any update tak as of today?

D.N.A.S said...

en wingy,
Black duck? okay tak?

kotak suara tu kat dalam larynx ke? sorilah, saya Biology almost fail masa SPM.

isy, sure lebih ngeri dari apa yang u bayangkan.

haaaa gua sudah update gambar, tapi tak dapat update on the story. Kena contact kengkawan kat Masjid Tanah, kalau ada.