Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I need PC

I think I’m going to need 5 computers at home eventually and they have to be affordable.One will be a desktop for Wazif (with wide flat screen plus gaming equipment). The second

desktop will be for Shawqi (with wide flat screen plus graphics software). The third will be for general usage (to provide high availability to cater for single point of failure – i.e when either Wazif’s or Shawqi’s PC is down or have to be sent for servicing). Currently Mr. Hubby and I each has a laptop provided by the company. Should we decided to quit our current jobs, we'll have to purchase 2 more affordable computers.

Currently there are only 3 computers at home plus a wireless modem/router. Wazif and Shawqi always fight with each other to use the shared desktop. Both of them are at the ‘gaming-all-you-can’ age. Although sometimes the do click some of the e-learning for kids link, most of the times they spend in front of the screen it would be one of the game websites.

I purposely installed some of the learning CDs given by the school. I saw them playing around with it a few times but they were easily bored, and the fact that they had to take turns to use the desktop they ended up fighting and one of them will cry. When this happens, I had to divert their attention to something more interesting like watching their favorite DVDs.

However, lately they’re spending more time watching Cartoon channels which is heavy with entertainment but not so much education. I still prefer if they could have their own desktops, so that they could at least play the e-learning games that could easily be found online.

So, my next mission for this quarter: buy affordable beginner's desktops for the kids….


Helena said...

kids are so lucky nowadays kan....

We have 2 laptops and a desktop. One laptop belongs to hubby, another belongs to my 14 and 12 yr olds, and the desktop..... my 9 yr old and 8 yr old.

Me? kena ambik nombor nak tgk which ones are available.... haha...

Maybe my next mission should be getting one for myself.... (dulu punya dah kaput...haha)

all jazzed up said...

Rumah nanti jadi mcm internet cafe. I'm trying to get my kids to play outdoors on weekends. I notice Ali dah lama tak go swimming because he's hooked on this stunt game on his PS2... But now Yunus and him wrestle a lot too.. hehehe.. Aku pulak yang pening.

john f seademon said...

Hmm..I have 3 laptops and 1 desktop. Desktop is where I do my videos and photoshopping. 1 laptop is this one, the other is my HP - tak ganti-ganti lagi the motherboard. The other one is shared by my daughters for their online research (chat programs blocked).

I use 3G to hook up when I am mobile, or wifi at hotspots. Here at home we use wifi wakaf that belongs to one of the neighbours.

Zara in Germany said...

omg...5!!!! sib baikler daniel kecik lagi...imaginela klu anak2 dah besar, sorg satu laptop, handphone, n ntah2 apa2 lagi...buley yg kna pakai iucd ni hehehe

DrFrappucino said...

Ergh, whatever happen to all good books and bonding bedtime story moments btwn parents and kids

betoooollll takkk? :)

D.N.A.S said...

jom pegi shopping PC bersama-sama....

wrestling is also a good cardiovascular activity. Let them wrestle while the Bibik cheers.

you neighbour is as kindhearted as Jazzy's.

laptop, henfon, GPS, cars, aweks.... banyak tu.

we are doing all those online these days. U spend too much time in the ER lah... should go out with your family members more.