Monday, June 23, 2008

Think...... quick!

I have about a gazzillion things to write today. Since it's a Monday, and all the Project Managers were freaking out to get updates from each Team Leader, I couldn't even spend 5 minutes in the loo. My cell phone has been ringing like crazy since morning and it was ignored a few times because I didn't recognize my new ringing tone, because it's a new phone.... bwahahahahaha! Nak berlagak jugak, tak kira.

My hubby will be stationed in JB for one year plus starting next month. I'm contemplating resigning and moving there. Should I? Should I? Should I? I'm not 100% in love with my career in IT. If I'm offered as a gembala kambing with equivalent pay, I'd accept. Shepherds get to ride horses, right? Or at least motor kapchai, lah.

Another option is for me to request for transfer to our JB office. Buuuuutttt..... the scope of work will be very different, and I don't like it at all. Furthermore, our office is in Skudai and my hubby's rented place will be nearer to Pasir Gudang.

Maybe this is going to be the turning point in my life. Maybe this is the transition period of me becoming a lady of leisure. Hehe. Bestnyeeee.... The only thing stopping me right now is my credit cards outstanding balance and my bank account balance. Before going for the pleasure of becoming a lady of leisure, I must settle my debt.

Another thing I must share with the whole world: right before the fuel price hike I booked an MPV. Baaaaad move. The loan has been approve and I'm getting a really good trade in price for my Cinonet. Makcik dilemma.... Although it's a 1.8 engine, you know the fuel consumption of an MPV, especially when it's heavily loaded. (Kalau I drive sorang pun dah cukup heavy!)

I'll be spending a lot of time doing a lot of thinking this week.... hmmmm...


Spena said...

kau pindah jb pun bagus. Mimin will be there and I will definitely be going down often because of the gals.
Come on! Time to step out of the comfort zone!

john f seademon said...

Hello, Auntie. Yes, please resign. Since JZ and I will be moving to JB, at least we have someone in JB with us. My job in JB will commence in September, and JZ will be asking to be transfered there earlier rather than later. We can go makan-makan and add more weight.

As for gembala kambing, I can name you a slightly better job that you can relate to with your past: a warden at STF. I can guarantee you the JZ Jr, Dalie Jr and Dewi Jr of the present STF cannot cari makan.

Sarclover said...


now from Pasir gudang to Skudai will takeonly about 20 mins max. its a straight highway drive la... by the way where in Skudai.

Ms Lola said...

Hmm, it's okay to have a fuel-hungry MPV. But you have to think of how to optimize your fuel consumption (just like what I just did!) LOL - I merapu

Angel Eyes said...

pindah jb memang best. how i miss jay bee.. :(

btw, mpv apa yg you beli tu? Mazda? Honda?

D.N.A.S said...

comfort zone? Tak rasa macam comfortable pun.... Kekekeke

kalau I jadik warden STF tiap-tiap malam bebudak tu boleh tengok late night movie. Sebab zaman2 kitorang dulu boleh.... (ni rule President Block C buat sendiri!!)

it's at Tmn Impian Emas, Skudai. I pernah ikut hiway from Pasir Gudang to that office, it took me 45 minutes sebab masa tu jln Pasir Gudang tu jam.

ms lola,
maybe I should resign my job and start ferrying school children in order to fully utilize the 7 seats.

Belum dapatlagi...nasib baik diorang takde stock. When I get it i'll paste the pictures here.

Maya said...

if nak migrate JB make sure dpt kerja kat sana.. JB mahaiii..kerja kat branch JB pun ok..dari jadi jadi shepherdess..panas takde ekon..unless shepherdess ada kawan dgn that lil boy who lives down the lane..:D mengarut

all jazzed up said...

dayang, move! move! move! i need friends in JB... BTW, food is awesome here... oh, did SD tell you that already :)