Monday, May 11, 2009

Konsert Black Dog Bone..... gerek seeeehhhhhh!

It was sort of a Mother's Day's gift for me from Mr. Hubby (tapi sebenarnya dia yang terlebih berkobar-kobar masa konsert tu).

I grew up listening to this band. They were a big band, in terms of the number of followers as well as the band members. I still remember one of the cassette covers where all the BDB members stood so close together in order to fit in the picture (kot). Jatt's hair used to be more 'meriah' lah those days.

This concert was supposed to be some kind of reunion of the two big names: BDB and Carefree but many of the Carefree original members were not able to commit so, we only get to see Jay Jay and Rahim Othman instead. But Jay Jay did a really memorable opening. He looked 20 years younger than his actual age and his voice was perfect. When he took the stage, nobody thought of him as a 'has been', because he's still so current. His performance was something that all the 'mee segera' artistes should watch, learn from and appreciate because none of them could do half of Jay Jay. He has hits in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even today. I've listened to his latest single, Permaisuri so many times on the radio. He delivered a perfect opening for such a happening concert.

Rahim Othman (yes, the composer of Gersang's Masih Aku Terasa and Exist's Untumu Ibu) appeared in a very classic look (not antique, but classic). I couldn't decide whether it's the make up or the costume. But he really looked like somebody being teleported from the 70s, and I liked it. When he spoke, you could sense that he's such a meticulous person just from the way he organized his words. He looked 20 years younger too that night. Hmmm... I think if we do the things that we really love and enjoy (like Jay Jay and Rahim Othman) it will keep the wrinkles away.

Not to forget S. Atan. He was one of the sessionists that night sitting quite hidden from our view behind BDB's keyboardist. It's quite difficult to believe that he has been writing songs since I was just a toddler. And he's still very active until today, but shying away from all the cheap publicity in this entertainment industry. If you (yes, you the younger generation - especially the SMS generation) don't know who S. Atan is, he composed the song 'Pandang-pandang Jeling-jeling' sung by Datuk Siti and S.M Salim during a concert at IB not too long ago. His latest composition is also included in Datuk Siti's Lentera Timur album (go buy and check it out, lah).

BDB's overall performance that night was really 'happening'. I couldn't believe I was so excited watching men over 50s performing on stage. They were really funny, or was it jokes from 'Seberang Tambak' just happened to be so ticklish. Maybe I've had enough of Senario-like or Apek-like jokes on our local TV and radio station that when I heard their Temasek-style jokes, it was so refreshing.

Jatt's vocal performance was undeniable impressive. As an old timer, his vocal control could even put Mariah Carey to shame. He's so energetic that I lost count of how many songs he sang that night. Some numbers were sung by the other band members: Relax, Geram, Nasi Goreng and (Nani) Adikku Sayang. We could see the chemistry among the band members. It must have been a lot of fun for them too to be able to come together again after such a long time.

The most touching performance that night had to be Untukmu Ibu song where Rahim Othman played his flute and was later joined by Jay Jay and Jatt from the chorus onwards. If you were touched listening to Mamat Exist's version, you would have cried buckets listening to this collaboration.

Seriously, it was money well spent. To IB and BoxOffice, terima kasih daun keladi, lain kali organize lah lagi.


the principal said...

K Emy suka Jay Jay, dulu siap beli album dia & memorised the songs...

D.N.A.S said...

Mesti K. emy suka lagu Cukuplah Sekali.... Jay Jay ada nyanyi malam haritu.... memang best!

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you... what an ambience to celebrate mom's day.. i thank my hubby for unforgettable evening -- great voice wonderful performance.