Sunday, January 31, 2010

Babies grow so fast these days....

Felt like it was only yesterday I was admitted to hospital and prepared for the C-sect. But it was more than 5 months ago. Wow, time really flies. 
I'm recording Zarif's development because I missed so many things when Wazif and Shawqi were babies. I was too busy working then, what to do. 
This is Zarif's pictures right after the nurse brought him to my room after the operation. His eyes were wide opened and busy looking left and right.

This is Zarif at home. About a week after being discharged from hospital. Had a few sleepless nights when he had colic. After we gave him Gripe water, he's okay.

This is two months old Zarif after Mr. Hubby and me shaved his hair. He can look rather brutal at times. Wonder he got that from which side of the family.

This is three months old Zarif when he started to roll. 

A few days after he started rolling, he was cooing noisily and demanded more attention from everybody.

At 4 months, Zarif joined us lepaking at the nearby mamak. He made faces and funny noises whenever he saw us ate.

Zarif is now 5 months old. A happy go lucky baby whose passion is eating. He has started to crawl and we're going to IKEA to buy those 'safety things' to lock the drawers, fridge door, kitchen cabinet doors and shoe rack. 

Now he's demanding more attention than before. He doesn't like to be left alone and wants to get out of the house at least twice a day. He's been keeping everybody busy now, even Wazif is not spared.

I think when he turns one, I won't even have time to blog. Hee hee hee....


Didie said...

cutenya!! lepas botak, cepat jugak rambut dia tumbuh ekk.

Jessen said...

Nevermind. When he turns one, you start teaching him how to blog. Then u can blog and teach him at the same time. :)

pijah said...

baby yg best digomol nieh!!

wanshana said...

He's gorgeous!! He has BIG eyes - asset tu :)

Good to see Big Bro chipping in to take care of Littlest Bro :)