Wednesday, March 02, 2011


One of the things that really frustrates me these days is having to cancel my important meetings because I have to attend another meeting that doesn't even require me to speak a word. Reason being, people attending that meeting expected to see my face there. In other words: I have to show my commitment by being there although the meeting might not even be discussing areas related to my team's deliverables.

Since I have to attend those 'more important' meetings, other things had to put on a lower priority. This is causing great frustration and angers some parties that are depending on my decisions and advise. Okay, I'm not such an important figure in this industry but my job description lists a lot of things.

Some of the people I consulted didn't really help as the only advice they could give was 'We're paid to do it.'
Thanks but no thanks. That's why most of the time I decided not to share my problems with friends but rather blog about it and share with the whole world.

Money is not my main concern these days. Once upon a time I accepted an offer which was laughable. I'm not a demanding person. I know what I want in life and the most important thing is I want to live and die happily.

There are a few other frustrations that might take me the whole day to blog about. But some of developments at workplace can really affect our personal life. I am not willing to make more sacrifices especially my health and my time with the family.

During the 'important meeting' I had to keep myself busy by snapping picture of my own shoes. 
For the next few weeks, I'm going to make a few adjustments. A few people will be angry, I know. Some will accuse me for being selfish. But then again, wth. This is my life. I'm 100% responsible. 


Jade said...

cantik kasut!

D.N.A.S said...

Itulah sebenarnya tujuan utama saya tulis posting ini. Tayang kasut. Hahahaha..