Monday, April 11, 2011

Home improvement

After sacking my brengsek Bibik last year, I was left with hideous looking kitchen cabinet as a result of her stupidity. Just imagine, each time she did the dishes, she'd nearly flood the kitchen. Since my sink then had started having problems, water leaked into the base cabinet. So there was a huge gap between the sink and the tabletop. After a few months the adjoining base cabinet started having molds growing thanks to all the moist.

We've been trying to get quotations from kitchen cabinet contractors but they're reluctant to replace just 2 base cabinets. They all adviced us to throw away everything and install a whole new set. Since none of the quotation was attractive, we decided to just go to IKEA with our kitchen measurement. The planner at IKEA was very friendly and he explained the process and what will take place. During the first visit, we shared with him the basic requirements such as cabinet placements, type of drawers we needed, shelves the sink. About a week later, their contractor came for detail measurement of our kitchen. His name was Mr. Lim and he equipped with many sophisticated measuring devices which we never saw most of them before. After producing a more detail drawing, we went back to the IKEA kitchen planner for another round of discussion. He produced another drawing using his workstation and pointed out what are the measurements still missing. So, we went back to get the missing info and paid another visit the next week to finalize the design and purchase the items.

The boxes were delivered early to our home and the contractor came three days later for installation. The old base cabinets took less than half an hour to dismantle.  They continued with installation and everything was completed before 5pm on the same day. I was happy with their workmanship.

Finally, the base kitchen cabinet was replaced with a new set.
Notice the difference in tone between the base and wall cabinets? We didn't change the wall cabinets as they're all still in very good condition. The biggest enemy of kitchen cabinets is the moisture. If you can maintain them well and prevent too much moisture, they can surely last, even if they're cheap ones.

The refrigerator was relocated and I have more space
The fridge was originally located next to the water filter/dispenser. Since it became quite a nuisance to me we decided to move it to the right side of the kitchen.

The voucher from the cabinet purchased was used for getting this.
A few weeks after the cabinet installation, we went back to IKEA to redeem the vouchers. We got the book rack above plus two more book shelves for Wazif & Shawqi's room FOR FREE!! He he he...

Cabinet negative test session by Zarif. This one failed, we bought another design.
Zarif is always excited to explore whenever we bring him to IKEA. He loves the kitchen section especially. He'd climb into one cabinet after another, played with the door handles and run happily between the aisles.

One of the latest books added to the new book rack. Awesome!
Now that I have extra space in my new book rack, I decided to add a few new titles to my collections. Starting with this book by Awang Goneng. A beautifully written non-fiction about the state I love most : Trengganu. How can you not love Trengganu? Reading this book really make we wanna go there immediately, have keropok lekor and fried ice cream at Pantai Batu Burok and then lazying all day. Oh well, I think that's exactly what I need. The hypertension I'm having might be a signal to go on long vacation in Trengganu. Hahahaha!

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