Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jerat will be launched on 17th Sept 2011

My dear blog readers,
you are cordially invited to attend the launch of my debut novel, Jerat, together with Ngeri (Buku FIXI) and Nurul Asyikin (Siluet Books) on Saturday, 17th September 2011. It will be held at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. 
There's also going to be Arts For Grab event happening here. So, please come for the fun and perhaps you'll find some rare books, paintings or handicrafts you've been searching for. 

The official poster. Cool, kan?
Well, the original plan was for me to appear on TV9's NLKO after the launch. That would be on the 23rd Sept. However, last Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from my publisher and NLKO producer that my interview had been changed to Friday morning, 9th Sept.
I was actually not ready for it and haven't set my mind for the live interview yet. There were a few work related things that I had to settle by Friday but I didn't know why I said 'Yes' to the NLKO producer. 
Luckily, the program was aired really early in the morning. I made a rough estimation, and I thought I'd be able to make it to my appointments set during office hours. I was also not that nervous as I knew most of my friends and work colleagues won't be watching it. Only my family was informed about the TV interview. 

Aziz Desa was supercool. He made me feel at ease.
So, my hubby forced me to sleep by 10pm on Thursday night because he was afraid I couldn't wake up early the next morning. But it seemed like sleeping early was not a good idea after all because I was wide awake at 4.10a.m and didn't know what to do. So, I forced myself to go back to sleep. 

I think I look like an ustazah. Hehehe.
LDP in the morning has always been unpredictable, so I decided to take KESAS, Subang, NKVE and then took the Damansara exit. So, the journey took me only 30 minutes, I arrived at Sri Pentas 20 minutes early. After some simple touch-up, I waited in the lounge provided with my publisher and a few actors from Raya Tak Jadi the movie. They were waiting for their turn to be interviewed by MHI.

Then, when my turn came I think it went really fast. I don't remember what were Aziz Desa's questions and what my answers were. I hope I was not telling any sick joke or accidentally mentioned any politician's name. 

After the interview, at about 8.40a.m I rushed to Putrajaya for a project meeting and made it just on time. Phewwww!

Then, at 1.30pm, when I returned to office, the girls on my floor were screaming like mad because a few of them actually saw me on TV that morning. So, I was getting more interviews for the rest of the day. Wow, it was really an experience. 

Jerat cover and synopsis.
Later that night, I saw a few tweets from tweeples who have received their copies and started reading it. I was praying hard they enjoyed it. This is my first novel (and first published work), so I have to admit that I'm very nervous about my readers' opinion. 

I guess for the next few weeks I'll be googling for Jerat keywords to get readers' feedback. All kind of feedbacks are welcomed ;).

The book will be available at MPH bookstores starting next week, but if you can't find it, can always order online from and get 15% discount.


Cmate said...

Proud of you, babe!

D.N.A.S said...

I can't wait to read Ngeri! Must get your autograph on the 17th.

jamdinding said...

Ohsem! I actually can't wait to read your book, I've read the free chapter more than a few times and I love nearly everything about it, the pace, the characters, the bahasa. Hope to see you on the 17th. Nak autograph, first edition tu :)

D.N.A.S said...

Hi jamdinding,
thank you dear. Please introduce yourself when we meet on the 17th, insyaallah.

Anonymous said...

congratulate on ur new achievement.. best of luck kak dayang.. will look fwd for that book in the market.. :-)

AZRA said...

Hey, congrats, dayang!!! That's yesterday.. how was it??