Friday, August 31, 2012

I never knew promoting books can be so much fun

I was invited by NTV7 to appear in Bella programme on 28th August 2012. Frankly speaking I've never watched Bella as it's aired during working hours, but I've watched Bella weekend once. This was my 2nd TV talk show appearance, last year I was invited to Nasi Lemak Kopi 'O' (TV9) for Jerat promotion, read about it here
This time I was invited to discuss about Chasing Your Dreams. Elaine Daly was the gorgeous host and we also had Cheng Cheng who used to be a lawyer of 20 years, and now owns a cafe in Damansara. 
We didn't have any script, it was just a casual chit chat broadcast live on national TV. 

Elaine Daly, Dayang and Cheng Cheng

What I shared in the program was nothing new. If you've read my blog entries and FB posts, you've learned about my journey to become a published writer. It started with script writing in school, followed by writing for school magazine and then in 2005, I started blogging. I have to admit that writing was never part of my life plan. It's just a hobby that I never get tired of doing. Being published is pure coincidence. It was like a crazy decision made at the blink of an eye. Although I've been labeled as 'the predictable woman' by many friends, but there are times when I can be very spontaneous. If I'm not published, I'd still be writing on this blog or for the company's magazine (that I hope they'd start soon... ;))

In the middle of the show, Elaine asked whether I'm interested to write mushy love stories. Well, it took all my strength not to laugh at that question. So, I told her that I tried writing a very short piece - I must say it was quite 'jiwang', but I ended up deleting the draft because when I read it, I felt like a fool. When she asked about my next project, I shared with the audience about the sci fi novel that I've had in mind since earlier this year. I've done some planning for the novel but haven't started on my research yet. So, I'll update you when I have something cooking or complete, ya?

So, it was a great talk show. I loved talking to both of them - Elaine and Cheng Cheng. (Er.. both of them studied law). A few people asked me how not to show that you're nervous in front of the camera. Well, in my case I just pretended that I was in front of the computer and forget the fact that a few millions of Malaysians could be watching. ;)


Fadh said...


Tahniah...semoga terus maju dan berjaya. Koi tumpang gembira dan bangga atas kejayaan 2 novel awak.

shandye. said...

i was waiting for my stock of medicine at the hospital's pharmacy when this show was aired so i have to catch it on tonton instead. anyways, one of my former literature lecturer calls me during the show and told me about this interview. she said that its good that new and upcoming writers like you gets the necessary and much needed exposure to the media as she said that malaysia actually lacks of new faces, especially in writing fiction commercially.

congrats and hope more awesome things to come for and from you in the future.