Thursday, December 21, 2017

Before I forget...


I hope people still read blogs. And even if you don't, that's okay because I'll still update this page once in a while just to record what I've been up to. We forget easily, so it's better if I park the memories somewhere. (Note: this is NOT in chronological order. hehe. Yeah, I'm lazy like that.)

1. During the June school holidays we went to New Zealand (during bulan puasa hehehe) for a short holiday, but we managed to cover many places at north and south island. It felt very short because it was almost winter and day time is only from 7a.m to 5.30pm. Puasa was also short, which is a good thing. We only had 1 big meal a day - buka puasa. Sahur was really simple, it was either bread or cereal. Managed to shed a few kg after the holiday, which was unusual.

Family potrait

Pengantin lama

Di celah-celah gunung

2). I attended a script writing short course that was tailored for TV drama and films. It was fun, eye-opening and got to meet a few writers both experienced and new. 

 3). During PBAKL 2017 I was invited to become one of the panels for ITBM Sofa Putih session. We discussed the Coffee Table Book I did with my fellow Srikandis that was launched in Oct 2016.

I submitted a different photo, why lah they still use this old one?

 4). As usual, celebrated my birthday in July. This time I ate as much cake as I wanted because I lost a few kg during puasa, so didn't feel that guilty lah.

Celebrated at home

Celebrated at the gym
 5). Got my first ever duck as a token of appreciation after being in the Srikandi EXCO for 4 years. To tell you the truth, I still don't know how to style this shawl. Hehe.

Still can't figure out why this shawl is so mahal.

6). Went to Kuching for a short getaway. That was my first time visiting Sarawak. Loved the food. Brought back packets of laksa Sarawak gravy. 

7). My 4th FIXI novel was published in September. This one is quite different. Many of my readers complained it was nothing like SAMAR or JERAT or HILANG. Yeah! It's a kisah masyarakat. Not the usual kill-kill-kill-die-die-die type. I hope it will manage to stay in the market for some time. Haha!

Meanwhile, I'm still working on SAMAR part 2. I know it's long overdue. It's just that I still can't get a few parts right. I don't want it to be out yet. When things don't feel right, you know it's still not right.

Babai! Thanks for reading this entry!


Unknown said...

Hmm..your novel "di sebalik dinara" is one of my favorite novel....i dont know why����

Unknown said...

Hmm..your novel "di sebalik dinara" is one of my favorite novel....i dont know why😂😂

D.N.A.S said...

Haha.Thank you... thank you....

Unknown said...

Hye sis , di sebalik dinara tu takde sambungan ke ?