Wednesday, April 19, 2006

... and my movie star double iiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss........

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Your movie star double is Drew Barrymore

Who's Your Movie Star Double?

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A free spirit like you needs to be played by someone who knows what it's like to carve out her own niche. That's why Drew Barrymore would be great for the part. Whether she's starring in unique films like Riding in Cars With Boys and Ever After, or heading out into town with daring dates, Drew refuses to conform to Hollywood's mold for leading ladies. Like Drew, you have a unique outlook and passion that shines through everything you do. And if you're truly like Drew, you're not afraid to show everyone who you are.

Back in high school, were you the one listening to bands that others hadn't discovered yet, or branching out with political or fashion statements of your own? How about raising quirky questions that stumped your teachers? But now that you've grown up some, people are starting to value your individuality and your creative way of looking at the world. Or at least, they will soon. So who better to play you in the role of your life than Drew? Doesn't it seem she was made for the part?


Leilanie said...

So, who's your Charlie?
hee hee.

DNAS said...

donno who's Charlie yet.... But I think I've found the Angels.. heheheh

kimi azhan said...

errr that Charlie better be a good Charlie... or else the Angels will run after him for not making DNA happy! Have a lovely weekend!

DNAS said...

Kimi, have a happy weekend! I'll email you the links to AZ's pictures I took during our dinner.