Friday, April 21, 2006

Story of a bracelet

Ok, I have this bracelet. It's not gold. There are 12 light purple colored semi precious stones plus 24 smaller white stones. The design is simple, yet captivating.
It's nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual design you can find anywhere in the shopping complexes in KL. The bracelet looks good on my fleshy wrist, the contrast creates a unique combination of light purple and medium brown (that would be my wrist).
The only problem is, the bracelet doesn't fit my hand. Argh, my wrist is just too big for me to wear it. I became so frustrated, I just kept the bracelet in my gym bag, took it out once in a while just to stare at those glamorous purple stones.
Then I silently prayed that I'd lose a lot of weight so sudden, and
the bracelet can fit.
Hmmmm.... that sounds like... impossible, yes I know.
Then suddenly I remembered the other bracelet (the strand of rose quartz, of course). I've got an idea...
With a pair of scissors and very steady hands, I cut the 4 elastic strings from the rose quartz bracelet and slipped them into my light purple bracelet, made two tight knots, and tried it on. Surprise!!!! Now it fits (after such modification, kalau tak muat jugak, tak tau nak cakap apa daaaa).
You might wonder why I took all the trouble to make sure I could wear it. It's not that I'm so crazy for the color purple. It's because someone gave it to me. See, no matter how evil I am, I still appreciate my friends' gifts. :)
So, for the next few days I'll be wearing this purple bracelet, and ONLY this purple bracelet. I'm keeping the tiger eyes in the safe for a while... I'm being nice for giving them this holiday. They deserve it, they've been so good to me for the past one year. Heheheh.

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