Monday, April 24, 2006

I desperately need a holiday.....

I have been working on a weekend, public holiday and followed by another weekend. Today I woke up with very tired bones and felt like I was having swollen veins, I knew I desperately need to go for long vacation. I know long weekends are coming soon, but I just want to take leave, go somewhere peaceful, enjoy myself and knowing
that other people are hard at work would triple the joy (hahahah).
After I managed to drag my semi conscious self to the office, I was awaken by an SMS
from Mr. PM. He asked me to check with another project engineer on what happened to the test servers during the weekend, (as if he didn't have that fella's number!), and asked me to update him on my findings.
Since I was not in the mood for any argument, I just called the engineer enquiring on
activities done during the weekend and what was the actual problem faced by customer
then. Then, I faithfully called back Mr. PM to update him. Being his usual irritating self, he asked me to ask the engineer to give him a call to explain the
situation further. That was when I found myself half shouting at him,
"Why can't you give him a call?"
"Kalau I call from sini mahallah Dee, tolonglah suruh dia call I."
"Where are you?"
That was when I felt like the roof came crashing down on me.... The world is not fair. I have to work while my PM was having a holiday ????!!! Then suddenly the evil
in me emerged.
"Hey, you're on vacation with whom?" there goes the tricky question. He was hesitant
to answer. Then after about 4 seconds (enough for him to find a good one), he said:
"Are you sure you're alone?"
"Yes, I'm alone." He tried to reassure me.
"Ah, you're so pathetic!"
"But Dee, this place is so nice. Blah blah blah..." I was ignoring whatever he
was saying after that...
"Okay, alright, I'll get the engineer to call you," I cut the conversation off.

And now I still find myself here, in this cold server room, installing 4 more servers
that I'm suppose to handover tomorrow afternoon, feeling really crappy and wishing that I'm somewhere else. I even set the room temperature to 60 degree Fahrenheit COLD MODE, imagining I'm somewhere in New Zealand, watching the foggy hills, the endless lake, the serene forest (hmmm sounds like one of the LOTR scenes).

I want to become The Lady Of Leisure..... forever. (Should I continue working, or
should I resign this month? Hmmmm....)


cikPijah said...

i'm going to Bali on the 8th! hihihi.. sila jeles.

DNAS said...

Eeeiiiii... jeles tak boleh citer. Why is everybody going for holiday, while I'm stuck in the office? Why?? Why?? Why??

Leilanie said...

hee hee............
Then, again, maybe not.

Bali, ekk?