Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Longest weekend ever...

Well, I've applied for replacement leave from my boss. I'll be taking this Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday off. That'll make a total of 6 days of break. Yahoooo!!!!
Hopefully he'll approve, otherwise I'll go for a strike, run amok, scratch his Camry... heheheh just kidding :)
Maybe this time, it's everybody's turn to be jealous of me. Hahahah


Leilanie said...

where you going, Dee?
If you're not flying off, then you should pamper yourself at the Spa. I heard Sembunyi at Cyberview Lodge is heavenly.

Have a wonderful break!

cikPijah said...

waaah!!! panjangnye cuti? nak wat ape tu? where r u going? pi interbiu keje baru ek?

DNAS said...

yes I've been to Sembunyi last year... very syiokkk... Planning to go to Indrani this time. Other than that, has to do pest control at my house. We noticed ada anai-anai kat dalam store room.

Cik Pijah,
ni namanya cuti untuk catch up with my own life... Hahahahah

kimi azhan said...

Wahhh... sakan cuti tu.. jeles nye kita dengar. Sorry to hear about the "anai-anai". Nanti tulis la pengalaman you kat Indrani ye.. kot-2 terlebih duit nanti, boleh I pegi pulak!