Friday, April 28, 2006

On vacation, but blogging.

I'm in the office.... ok. ok... don't laugh. I'm just here to submit my claims, and will be going to my old office to get my EA form after this. Talking about bad habits, mine would be last minute doing income tax. Huah huah huah.... I think that's already becoming a trend with Malaysians. Don't we all just love the adrenaline rush when doing last minute things.. I get so thrilled and excited whenever it's nearer to the deadline.
Yesterday I went to pamper myself at Indrani, at Starhill's Pamper Floor. It's a nice spa, I got 2 jacuzis for myself for as long as I liked. Then, the feet soaking was refreshing. After that, I had 1 1/2 hours of Javanese massage with light jazz music on. Now I think I prefer Javanese massage to the normal aromatherapy massages that I have became so used to. Anyway, to virgins out there, just FYI Javanese massage involves massaging the tummy (orang Melayu panggil 'sengkak'), and they massage your breasts too. I was so 'tegezut' lah actually when she suddenly touched my breats, because memang geli siut. hahahah.
Anyway, all in all... my review of the spa... I give 3 stars out of 5. Why? Because there's no clock or any form of time indicator inside or near the steam bath room. So, it's difficult to determine whether you're over-steamed or not enough steam.. (sounds so lucah .. hahahahah).
As I was typing this, K. Meg sent me instant messages telling me to use that e-filing thing, but I need to get the digital certs first. Hmmm.... will have time till end of May to complete everything. I'll just ask my hubby, he's the one doing all this taxes stuff actually. I'm just doing the 'running here and there' works... heheheh.
Okay, people.... I'm continuing with my vacation, ciao!

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