Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Do you know the real 'you'?

There were times when somebody asked, 'Do you know him/her?' and I found
myself pausing for a really long time, thinking whether I knew him/her.
Knowing somebody means knowing who he/she really is. I can't say that if
I know somebody's name, origin, family members, occupation, hobbies and
favorite movies that'll mean I know him/her.
I watched the movie Shrek, many times and my favorite scene is when Shrek
and Donkey started out their journey to go rescue Princess Fiona. Shrek
told Donkey that 'Ogres are like onions, they have many layers', which I
think same goes with human.
I always look at the people around me as having many layers (no, I don't
look at them as if they're Ogres...). The people we see everyday, at the
office, conferences, parties, gatherings are usually only showing the
outmost layer of their personalities. That could be the layer that they
thought is the most presentable, and will make people around them feel
comfortable, so that they will be well accepted by the crowd.
How about people you have known for a few months? I think, they might
be daring enough to show the second or third layer of their personalities.
That is when you'll start to notice that these people will show some
temperaments, admit their weaknesses, willing to share some of their worries
with you or even started asking you out for lunches.
So, how comfortable can you be with people that you've known for a few
years, regardless of their gender? Hmmm... can you say that you've known
them well enough to start trusting them? Or would they think that
they can start calling you 'a friend'?
Then, how about those people you've known all your life (other than your
parents and family of course). Actually, how well do you know them?
Other than that, do you think you really know yourself? Do you understand
what you really want in life? Can you justify every action you take?
Can you explain weird stuffs you do, just to boost your self confidence
(this question is directed to myself.. hahahah).

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