Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Talking Moon

This poem is dedicated to a lady friend, who is so strong and has a lot of patience.

Talking Moon

I told the moon you will not be coming over
She raised her brow and frowned a little
Then tear drops formed in her sad eyes
She tried hard not to cry.

I told the moon you will be away
Somewhere far with people she doesn't know
But she must have seen them during one of those nights
When she came out from her usual hide.

"You are one strong girl," moon finally said
I stared up, unaware of my own tear
"The time will come, when he will realise,"
"You are his only love, now and forever."

I loved him so, I let him go
Let him search for the true meaning of life
If God has written our fate to be together
He will be back here, he will look me in the eyes
He will whisper the words I had dreamed so many nights
He will stay here and hold me under your light.

Moon smiled and pushed away the cloud
"He's one lucky guy to have somebody like you",
"What a pure heart, and a love so true",
"I wish you luck, my dear, may God always be with you".

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