Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy 010203040506!!!!!

Hey there happy people!
Just wanna wish you all a very happy 010203040506!!!!

I'm writing this at 11.15pm, so there are still a few hours left to the great moment.
I don't know what I'll be doing then, but I'm sure it's going to be the
greatest moment in my who life. Anyway, it happens only once in my lifetime. It's gonna be great, even if I'm sleeping I'll be having the greatest dream at that moment.

I'm so excited about it, I sent more than 30 text messages to my friends a few hours ago. Surprisingly, some replied to me asking what the t***t is 010203040506. Obviously, some people haven't been reading the newspaper (The Star, to be specific).

Since Mr. Hubby is away (outstation lagi....), I'll be spending this great moment with the children. I'll probably be sending Mr. Hubby a message at 1.02 this morning, and let's see if he replies. Hmmm....

Oh, yes... I have a message for my PM:"Spending 6 days doing nothing doesn't mean I'm as pathetic as you, okay?"


DNAS said...

Just FYI,
when I was Googling this morning, found out that people from some parts of the world actually celebrated 010203040506 on the 5th of April 2006. Some celebrated it twice, once at 1.02 a.m then, 1.02 p.m.

kimi azhan said...

I didn't know that. But what is the actual significant reason/purpose of celebrating it? I was just curious... Anyway, i kunci jam nak bangun, tapi tak terjaga... so did not manage to participate in the contest! Frust betul!

cikPijah said...

so? back in the opis oledi? i'm sure i had a wonderful dream very early this morning at 010203040506. don't ask me wht the dream was all about. :P

DNAS said...

it's just a really unique timestamp that only happen once in a hundred years. Tak ada apa yang special sangat pun. Tapi, for mathematicians, scientists, engineers yang weirdo tu sume (contohnya sayaaa...) it's something to celebrate lah sebab we probably experience it once in our lifetime.
Cik Pijah,
Dah kemas baju ke belum nak pegi Bali?

cikPijah said...

akak! u've been tag.. sila ke blog saya to see what the tag is about.. tak pack barang lagi! :(

Angel Eyes said...

i was fast asleep at that moment!