Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tagged by Cik Pijah

I was tagged by Cik Pijah yang comel and tengah berseronok-seronok kat
Bali tu (eeiii.... jelessss.. jelesss) to write 6 weird things about me,
so here goes:

6 weird things about D.N.A.S:

1. I wanted to become a lawyer, but I studied engineering instead. (that's weird
or undecisive, ek?)
2. I believe in love at first sight. (biarlah kuredah 7 lautan asalkan dapat ku
renung redup matamu dan menghirup manis senyummu.... jiwang siut.)
3. When I am about to sleep, I cannot be touched.
4. When I am eating I will not talk or hear whatever people are saying. Full
concentration, babe.
5. I think guys who wear pink are macho.
6. I adore guys with moustache and hairy legs, muahahahah.

since 6 is not enough, I wanna add number 7.

7. Whenever I introduce myself to people, I always tell them that most of
the times I'm weird, but cool... hehehehe.


Angel Eyes said...

We have the same thinking as well! Guys in pink are HOT!


Leilanie said...

I was a law student drop-out...
hee hee.

cikPijah said...

waaaah.. dah buat daaah.. erk.. law and engineering sooooo different ok.

kimi azhan said...

Hey Dee, we have something in common, I like to do law but end up studying math & computing (..... don't know that makes me a weird person or a nerd!)

DNAS said...

i've been trying to pujuk my hubby to buy a pink work shirt... hihihi..
i also have a friend who studied law tapi tak kesampaian.
Cik Pijah,
jauh... sangat jauh... anyway, engineering department ada lagi ramai balak hensem, OK....
U studied Maths??!! Huwwaaaaa.... cayalah..