Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mistaken Identity

Today, coming back from lunch,I was strolling happily to the office lift when I heard somebody said,
"You've accepted the meeting invitation, right? " he was a guy from SI group.
I gave a perplexed face and said, "No, nobody sent me meeting invitation."
"Wenaz said, you've accepted and will be coming to the meeting," he sounded so confident.
"No, I'm not attending any meeting today or tomorrow.... " I was getting even
more confused, Wenaz would never commit something on my behalf without discussing with me first.
"Hey, I saw your name in the meeting list Farah...." the SI guy said.
Then I realised he had mistaken me for another girl. There's another girl in the company who looked like me, same height, same figure, same skin type, same rounded face (but Wenaz said I'm actually prettier... heheheh).

I kicked his leg and said,
"I'm Dayang lah, not Farah.... " the SI guy gave a hearty laugh. His friend looked
rather stunned seing me kicking the SI guy.
"I know lah... I know.... saja je menyakat you.... hahahah. Janganlah panik..." the SI guy continued laughing. Now his friend suddenly understood the joke and joined laughing.

Huwaaaa! I was being bullied twice this week. Not fair!
Men are cruel creatures.


kimi azhan said...


Apa nih? kenapa you dipermainkan sebegitu sekali.... we must sit together and develop a plot to kenakan them back, starting with your PM! Naaaaahhh... just punch them! hehehe.. cukup brutal tak cadangan I??

DNAS said...

good idea!
Today my PM is on leave, so cannot punch him. Never mind... save the best for last...

Leilanie said...

Well, that idiot deserves a kick!
Well done, Dee.