Monday, May 22, 2006

Bad day

It started with a bad stomach cramp, yes it is 'that' time of the month. Had to
drag my self out of bed as I've made an appointment with my customer at 9.30 a.m.
After driving my kids to the kindergarten, I rushed to KL. Halfway there my stomach was singing with the 'Please feed me' song, so I stopped at the Shell station to 'refill' (not 'refuel' ... hahahahah).
The customer's office was at Plaza Sentral, so parking was easy, but after taking the lift to 7th floor, I realized I went to the wrong block. Haiyyaaa...So, had to
go down, walked 200 metres and took another lift. Luckily the appointment only took an hour. So, after leaving the office, I headed straight to Bandar Utama for my therapy session (retail therapy la, what else).
I went shoe-hunting at a few shops. Guess, Sketchers, Lewre, Nose, Nine West and a few more (I couldn't remember the names). Actually I didn't even know what type of shoes I currently need, so I just 'belasah' try-try sesuka hati all type of shoes.
The shocking thing was when I was at Guess. I was eyeing a pair of 3.5 inches when the salesboy whispered to me, "Kak, yang tu sebenarnya ada Pig Skin." I was so tekejut gile and almost shouted back at him, "Apasal korang tak label? Ni semua ni Pig Skin ke?" The boy held two of the shoes and showed me where the pig skin was,
"Bahagian dalam ni je Pig Skin kak, kat luar dia tak." Then I told him, "Iyelah,
apasal korang tak letak label?" I was so mad, I left the shop without even thanking him. So, people ... kalau masuk kedai kasut, janganle sesuka hati pegang-pegang, cuit-cuit, try test without asking the salesgirl/salesboy dulu about the shoes' material. Nasib baik I tak try lagi kasut tu.
After having lunch at Johnnys I went straight to office as I was having a meeting at 2.30pm.
When I entered the meeting room, the CFO and one of the directors were there. I was already seated when I realised that, "Oh sh*t, this is presentation to management, what the h*ll am I doing here?" But it was too late for me to just leave as Mr. PM was already starting his presentation, and before that he asked me whether I have received customer's feedback on some documents. I gave eye signal whether I could leave but he was already focusing on his charts. So, I just sat beside Mr. PM's lady boss trying to shrink myself into a Smurf. Then, lady boss asked, "Apa hal kau menyorok belakang aku ni?" I gave my 'kerang' smile and said, "Menyorok.... segan.."
So, I had to endure the 2 hour management meeting, listening to the legal exec, the director, the CFO, a few other managers delivering their points and rebuttles. Actually during the second hour I was already bloghopping, hahahah...
When the meeting finally finished, Alf asked me, "Kau masuk meeting ni apasal?"
I gave him my famous murderous look and said, "PM kau invite, aku datang le."
Then, after that, when I was sitting comfortably at my cubicle and getting ready to IM with my online friends, suddenly I started having stomach cramps again. Urgh... I hate 'this' time of the month.


cikPijah said...

yg peliknya masa tgh syok shoe hunting takde plak stomach cramp ek? window shopping sengsorang layan perasaan best kan?

psstt.. i tot lepasa branak tader cramp2 bulanan tu lagi.. tak ek?

kimi azhan said...

Dee.. kesian nye, hopefully the cramp dah goes away. And I must apologise for LOL masa baca about your "accident" mtg tu.. tapi kira you okay jugak le... boleh bagi "kerang" smile lagi... if me la kan... sure dah "froze to death".... coz kat MAS ni, certain info tak "layak" for us to know, jgn nak memandai masuk dengar!

DNAS said...

Cik Pijah,
itulah pasal, kalau shopping sume sakit hilang. By the way, lupa nak bagitau I gave birth thru Caesarian, dua kali dah. Maybe that's why still cramp time period kot.

I teraniaya. I received the meeting invitation and my name was in the 'Required' list. Tapi bila I masuk, sorang engineer pun takde. Semuanya Team Leader, managers, director and CFO. I rasa my PM tu saja nak kenakan I le...

Leilanie said...

You could have just stayed on shopping..... since all big bosses are in the meeting that afternoon- they wouldn't even realised that you were gone.

hee hee

Hope you tummy is better, today.

ku E said...

ohhh... thats how you people got cramp during period ek. thank god i never feel anything myself. in fact first day period pun i cld nvr realise it- gave birth to both my kids via normal way ;)

Angel Eyes said...

apasal tak ajak i pi shoes hunting tu?

i was there at one utama on monday!


DNAS said...

the good thing being a project engineer is that you're not really needed in the office. No project, no work.... so, can go shopping. Hihihi

you're so lucky! I'll never be able to deliver the normal way as my bone structure is abnormal. Kuasa tuhan...

Oh Sheryl,
If only we have telephatic ability....