Saturday, May 20, 2006

Some thoughts on THE CODE

Well, you've guessed right. I went to break THE CODE at TGV KLCC yesterday morning. It was a working day (I was on leave, OK), yet the theatre was 3/4 full (with people clad in office wear, hahahahah).
I must say it's one of the fast-paced movies that will keep you glued to the seat till the end. It is not as controversial as the novel after the director brilliantly smoothened and softened most of the plots. You might find that some important scenes has been altered to create suitable climaxes. No, I'm not going into so much details as I know most of you haven't seen the movie yet.
However, I can only give it 4.5 out of 5 stars as there are a few of my most anticipated scenes are not in the movie. That's why I suggest you go read the book first, then watch the movie or vice versa.
One more thing, I think Harrison Ford would have been a better fit as the hero. I don't think Mr Hanks has the aura of a scholar. (No offence Mr Hanks, but you always remind me of Forrest Gump, the image is stuck in my head.)
So, people... what are you waiting for. Go watch it soon. You don't wanna be lost when your friends and colleagues discuss the movie in front of you, right?


sue said...

first time here..
i watched the movie on the 18th, but i think its better to read after the became too predictable..for those who never read the book might find it a thrill..

kimi azhan said...


I dengki dgn you. My hubby janji dari nak tengok MI3, now dah keluar The Code, tak sampai-2 lagi ke cinema! I agree with traveller, should tengok movie dulu baru baca buku. Kalau tak, sure dok compare "Eh..? Tapi dlm buku kan, this part dia ..."

Jade said...

kak yang, i blom pi tgk lagik... hopefully soon. urrmm.. did you read my experience with air asia last week? hehe..

Leilanie said...

Emillio, who has read the book, is very dissapointed that he cannot watch the movie as it is rated 18PL. This is like the most awaited movie - ever - for him..... (he even follows those documentaries on NatGeo).

I, on the other hand, would feel awful if I went to watch Da Vinci Code without Emillio.

So how? Any lanun copies out there?

DNAS said...

Hi Traveler, thanks for stopping by. Yes, for those who have read the book, less thrilled.

Kimi, I went alone haritu because Mr. Hubby was not interested. He only watch 'karya-karya agung' category dia aje.

Jade, ngeri nya your experience. Tapi how come sume org boleh suka2 hati lepak2 kat LCCT tu lagi. Bukanke standard procedure sepatutnya semua orang kena blah, and pegi berkumpul kat tanah lapang????

kesiannya Emilio... Terpaksa lah dia berkunjung ke Low Yat Plaza nampaknya....