Thursday, May 18, 2006

'Tawar' Days

Yesterday I 'ajak-ajak ayam' someone for a drink after office. Then he said yes he really wanted to follow us as he was so bored and got nothing to do (read: currently having no life). He told us to call him when we're about to leave the office. Then while walking to the cars, we called him: no answer at his extension and couldn't get his mobile. We tried many times and my friend left him a voice message. Then we waited for a while and tried calling him again, and still couldn't get him.
So, we decided to go first in my car, the mamak stall is just opposite the office by the way. In the car, my friend called him again, but to no avail.
When we reached the mamak stall and placed our orders, I messaged him. When I re-read the message today, I think it sound rather nasty lah... hahahah. A few minutes after that he replied, saying that he won't be joining us because he was 'tawar hati' with us because we went ahead without waiting for him.
My friend, who was sitting opposite me asked,
'Mamat tu nak join tak?'
Then I said, 'Tak, dah merajuk lah pulak. Mengada-ngada...'
So, we drank and chatted away until about 6.40pm then I drove him to the office to get his car.
That was what happened yesterday.
Today, I went to Mutiara Damansara to do some banking (and a very good excuse to go ngular2 time lunch). After I was done with all my transactions, I decided to have Laksa Johor at one of the restaurants at the Ground Floor.
The desert was Agar-agar Gula Merah, yummmm it was nice and sweet.
The hot Milo was creamy and not so sweet.
Then, came the Laksa Johor... I shoved a spoonful into my mouth, then I got confused and started thinking... this was not the usual taste of Laksa Johor. It was sooooo
...... 'tawar' (tasteless). Then I ate half-heartedly about a quarter of the serving before giving it up. No, I coulnd't stomach that, it was such an insult to my taste bud.
While driving back to the office, suddenly I remembered. Is this going to be the 'tawar' days season? Like the 'bad-tudung-days' season or 'stuck-in-bad-jam' season or 'lazy-to-bath-days' season? Hmmm... yesterday someone tawar hati with me, and today I had to eat tawar food.
If that's not enough, once I was back in the office I found my coffe was already served by the tea lady. I sipped it, and guess what..... it could be the sugar issue in Malaysia... my coffee was also tawar. *Sigh*


kimi azhan said...

"Just nice" goes to almost everything - your food, your mood, your life etc... Just take it easy and sweet life will return.. Dia bukan tawar hati tu, nak bermanja dgn you tu!

ku E said...

sweet nyeee... guy pun merajuk lol ;)

ku E said...

o yea... insya allah i'll be meeting rose this saturday. tak nak join ke :)

kimi azhan said...


Just to convey the warm regard from Rafidah Mohd Shaffi to you. She said "dah lama tak jumpa"..

Have a sweet weekend!

DNAS said...

Kimi, siapa yang nak bermanja dengan I tuuuu? Argh... geli!
Ku_e, I don't know why I'm surrounded by weird guys... *sigh*. You datang KL Saturday ye? Enjoy yourself, me and hubby got plan dari pagi sampai ke malam.