Monday, May 15, 2006

Script writing, anyone?

Do you know that FINAS is now holding a script writing competition? There are 3 categories:
1. Fiction (120 minutes of screening)
2. Documentary
3. Short film (for students)

It can be an adaptation from novels/stage plays/theatre (but you need to get the original author's formal permission lah).
Prices are quite attractive, RM15k for first place in fiction category. The rest are so-so ajelah...

If you need more details, they're in Saturday's The Star newspaper, or can always go to FINAS website. Good luck people! Masuk jangan tak masuk!!


DNAS said...

Ooops terlupa... FINAS website will be at

Leilanie said...

Yes. Thank you for the website.

Also..... this day, 14th May... I wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

p/s :
you tak join?

DNAS said...

i actually have so many storylines inside my head, need to find the time to write.
Will submit my script if i manage to finish it before the deadline.
Happy Mother's Day to you too!
.. and happy teacher's day (if you pernah jadi teacher before this... hihihi).