Monday, June 19, 2006

The Gym and I...

Now that I've found my gym buddy, I feel delighted to pen down my
gym experiences. First of all, for those of you who are planning to
slim down, tone up, get that Pussycat Dolls' bodies let me tell you
it's going to be hard work, hard work and hard work.
My achievement so far is actually not something that I can be so
proud of. It's been a year since I first started working out at the
gym, but I'm still way behind target.

Total mass lost: 8kg
Total body fat lost: 6%

My doctor said, OK not too bad as long as I can maintain the same
weight for a year, that's quite an achievement. She knew my history,
I've been consistently gaining weight for the last 5 years. Back
in January 2005, I was actually 28kg heavier than I was at the time
I got married. Wow, we're talking about serious body and health neglect

So, I still have to lose those 20kg, no matter what other people say.

Some of my friends wondered why I signed up at the gym. Okay, here's
the truth:

I was watching a rerun of The Apprentice - First Season, when Omarosa
was interviewed during the finale. We all know she can be really
bitchy at times and an undescribably irritating team member (someone
whom I'll never include my project team, that's for sure!), but
viewers also noticed that she's one of the ladies who'll step on the
stationary bike provided in their luxurious suite every morning.

So, the interviewer asked her whether she's a fitness freak. Her answer
was simple,

"Girls must burn calories.."

Starting at that moment I realised how easily unhealthy fat pile up
in the girls' bodies. The man can easily lost those love handles after
5 sessions at the gym and some change in their diet. But we girls
have a lot of difficulties especially for pear shaped people. Those
fat on the thigh, butts and abdomen are really stubborn. That's why so
many lazy ladies opted for liposuction procedures. After struggling at
the gym for more than a year, I don't blame them for making that
decision. Especially when looks and vital statistics determine whether
you'll be able to pay for the monthly bills.

However, I'm not encouraging you on getting lipo or any form of
cosmetic surgery as they're rather risky. Let's remember Omarosa's words,
workout at least 3 times a week and watch what we eat. So, I'd like
to thank Omarosa for the advice and for the 8kg I've lost so far.... hihihi.

P/s: My gym buddy got injured after falling at her parents house last
night. So this week, I need another gym buddy... anyone ??? Jade, kau pegi
jauh sangat le, camana nak buddy-buddy nih?


cikPijah said...

wohoo!! congrates akak! keep it up! mmg the hardest part is to maintain it. for me 3 time a week tak ckp ah. have to do a min of 5 times.. kengkadang tu ober sampai 2 times a day!!... u're rite. there's no short cut other than cut back on food and exercise more!

p/s: baru ingat nak ajak mkn choc molten cake kat chilies :P

DNAS said...

Cik Pijah,
kau memang suka menggodaku dengan choc molten cake itu... hmm nyummmm...

Jade said...

kak yang... it's just 5 minutes drive from my place. haha... btw, dah pi burn calories kat gym, jgn ler gain balik with cheese cake!!

Leilanie said...

Hari ni nak pergi Gym.... but only to find out that they're using it for the "congkak" tournament !

DNAS said...

Dah 6 bulan I tak makan cheese cake, jangan tak percaya.... hihi.

Itu petanda2 nak kena pegi gym yang berbayar tuuuu... jommm aaaa join us.. seronok tau!

Angel Eyes said...

bagusssss pegi gym tu.. am going to start my gym session by next week, hopefully...

UglyButAdorable said...

inspiration..inspiration..i'm still getting my ass to move..salah 1 sebabnyer takder buddy la niee...u gie gym maner nie??

DNAS said...

you pegi which gym?

jom become my buddy.... but before that u must watch Pussycat Dolls punya music video over and over again. Barulah ada inspirasi. Must remember, those beautiful bodies were built, not born... I pegi F1tness F1rst The Curve, Consplant and IOI Mall.

Angel Eyes said...

my office punye gym jer.. haha.. quite good laa


kimi azhan said...

Dee... bagus...sgt bagus... i jadi member satu club kat nilai, n gym is foc for members... masa rajin tu i pegi gym, kalau tak, swim dgn anak-2 je. weekend I cycle dgn kids n hubby.. sambil exercise, spend masa dgn budak... tu je yg mampu buat. badan tak turun banyak, tapi maintain je la... janji baju smeua tak payah give-away! hehehe..

UglyButAdorable said...

ookehh...okehh..tunggu..insya allah resolution selepas mendapat kerja yg lebih mencabar dan bayar lebih gaji..hahh..hahh.. alasan to procastinate this..