Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Highlights of the week

Besides the big news that cik CT is getting married next month,
nothing much is happening in KL. Err... maybe Pussycat Dolls
coming to Sunway is quite a news to some people, kot...
Guess what I did last weekend...? I went to Kempen Membaca at
KLConveC. The event was organised by KEKKWA. However, I was
not happy with the publicity given by
our local media. There was a tiny column in Berita Harian
on the event. I got to know of it from If you've seen
the banners they put along the roads near
KLCC area, they only put the 'Tarikh Perasmian'. Nobody'll
know the event duration unless they tune in to

So, that was quite a boring activity. What was interesting
last week? Hmmm... on Thursday, I went home during lunch
hour (to watch TV).. hihihi.... Then
suddenly an idea popped into my head to try out some
digital photography.
I've seen people taking pictures of all those 'hantaran kahwin'
and wondered how they managed to produce those glamorous images.
I used my 6280, my pieces of bracelets, a recycled
jewellery box, and my retro tablecloth....and here's
the result.

I bought these more than a year ago. Ni le Tiger Eyes. Sapa-sapa
pakai ni jadi berani macam ancient warrior. After two weeks of
wearing this, I actually tendered my resignation letter, with
no job waiting outside. Hmmm.... berani tak berani...

This gorgeous one was from Mr. Wolf. No, actually
I pesan dia belikan, pastu sampai hari ni belum
bayar-bayar lagi kat dia... hahahah. Dia pun tak
tuntut duit, so I akan senyap sampai mamat ni
suruh bayar. Hihihi jahatnya..

This glamorous one was from Deqnon. She gave me
for my 32nd oooppppssss 18th besday haritu.


UglyButAdorable said...

i guess we're gonna hear about ct for the whole of this month and next month. boleh ke imagine, dlm penuh duka sengsara dlm dunia sekarang, our newspaper main news was on her. pathetic!!

D.N.A.S said...

prime time news showed interview dengan the wedding dress makers... huah huah huah... itu yang tak tahan tuuu.. By the way Cik Kak tu dah tempah 4 wedding dresses and each one harganya more than RM30 ribu.
Tak heranlah kot... K stands for KAYA.

Hajar said...

kak yang.. letih la citer pasal pompuan tuh. tu la.. saper2 yg minat gila2 kat dia dulu.. skang sedar tak yg she's just another human. :-p she's not an angel ok...

Queens City said...

im trying very hard to understand jade's statement

Queens City said...

by the way kak yang....wowwwwwwwwww.....ada souvenir from mr. wolf jugak??? hehehehehe

D.N.A.S said...

sebab she's just another human, so let's leave her and her personal issues alone le... I think we should realise that she's not public property (even though she's a celebrity).
Jade memang complicated. It takes a really wise man to understand her.
Mr. Wolf bukan kasi souvenir laaa... saya belum bayar sebab dia tak suruh saya bayar. Tapi, kalau saya tak pakai, dia marah lah pulak. Takkan hari2 nak pakai that one, kot. Bracelet lain banyak lagi.

Leilanie said...

I like the rose pink the best.......... sayang, dah putus, kan.....