Monday, August 14, 2006

Post-explorace event

After 3 days' of racing and rushing, then having to
stay back at the office after the power outage,
I felt drained.
All I could think of was to go for another round
of Balinese massage and sleep for the rest of the week.
But when I looked at my calendar I realised that I had
to attend a one day product training on Thursday.
I was feeling like a Zombie walking into a small
seminar room packed with engineers, account managers
and luckily many familiar faces.
I was relieved to see many of my colleagues were
there, but 10 minutes into the lecture my mind
was elsewhere. I had problem focusing. Perhaps
it was the 3 most tiring days that I had to go
through. Or maybe, it was just me. I just hated
classroom lectures.

What was shown on the screen:

You know why it was boring? The presenter kept on repeating
the same sentence throughout her presentation, "you can tell
customer that they can save a lot of $$$$", and her
intonation and body language was so not convincing me.
She should attend one of those theatre classes.

What was actually popping in and out of my mind:

Yeah, that was the piece of hardware that I had to configure
and troubleshoot on Wednesday afternoon until night.
That's the rear view, with all the fibre connectivity.
I bet most of you couldn't make out what that equipment
is. Nevermind, it will not appear in your final semester's
exam paper.

What was happening at the back of the seminar room:

--- hahahah I deleted this picture hahahahah -------

Huwaaaaa! This one was not from my camera. I actually got it from
a colleagues phone. The girl in the picture is single, new and
sweet. While the guy is actually boss...
hahahahah. I wonder what they were doing then. Chatting?
Whispering? Gossipping?


kimi azhan said...

Dee... apa yg you rasa mereka buat? maybe share baca SMS tak? Or maybe exchanging hp no? so many maybeeeessss...

UglyButAdorable said...

your boss?? kantoii..mesti boring giler ice breaker ke??

DNAS said...

boss I mmg terlebih peramah. I think diorang tengah discuss cara-cara menguruskan badan... LOL.

kononnya boss I tu tengah bagi orientasi kat new staff le.

Leilanie said...

aik - baru kenal, dah dok rapat gitu...
hee hee
gossip gossip.....

Dee - I like your new blog look.
So...... sweet, gitu.

DNAS said...

thank you... thank you...
I tau I sweet.. hihihihi...(perasan tak abis...) LOL.