Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Disturbing Movie.

I watched this movie 2 nights ago on ASTRO Hallmark.
It was not a must-watch movie, but not that bad either.
Knowing me, you'd not be surprised why I enjoy watching
gigolo movies so much. I found gigolos amusing (don't you
think?) I must say it's a very interesting career.
Hahaha.. What an intelligent (yet sinful) way to earn a
living (a lavish one, I tell you!!)

The Poster:

Note: Oliv1er Martinez is the most beautiful
earth creature after Brad Pitt.
Should put his picture as my desktop wallpaper. :)

The Summary:

Youth, beauty, and career become a thing of the past for a vulnerable woman at the crossroads of her life.

Aware of every wrinkle, every gray hair, and every bad review, recently widowed Broadway star Karen Stone (Golden Globe and Emmy winner Helen Mirren, Gosford Park) abandons her profession in favor of a new life in Rome. Welcomed into a select circle of new friends, she meets the Contessa (Golden Globe, Emmy, and Oscar winner Anne Bancroft, The Graduate), who offers Mrs. Stone a fresh lease on life via the young and handsome Paolo (Olivier Martinez, Unfaithful).

Note: Read more on the summary at

Why is it disturbing?

I didn't understand the ending. It was so frustrating.
I wanted to know who the homeless angel-faced guy
who stalked Mrs. Stone was.

I have to read the novel. It's written by the famous
T3nnessee W1lliams, by the way.

How you can help me:
If you have a copy of the novel, can you please contact me?
I'd like to borrow/buy. I could only find it
at Amazon, not the bookstores near my neighbourhood.

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kimi azhan said...

Olivier Martinez - in Unfaithful, was that the movie of Richard Gere & Michelle Pfeiffer as husband & wife, and Gere killed martinez for being with his wife?

Err just to test my knowledge...