Friday, August 18, 2006

My girlfriend wants to write a book

Lady: I wanna start a new project.

Man: What is it this time?

Lady: A book.

Man: You are going to read a book?

Lady: No.... I'm gonna write a book.

Man: Uh, that's news! I never knew you can write.

Lady: Surprise! Surprise!

Man: Have you decided what you're gonna write?

Lady: Nope.

Man: Have you had any idea on what kind of book
you're gonna write?

Lady: Nope.

Man: Have you started any planning on this book?

Lady: Nope.

Man: So, what do you have so far?

Lady: An idea, and a lot of enthusiasm on writing.

Man: Share with me your idea.

Lady: The idea is to write a book.

Man: Yeah, I know that. What is your idea on the book?

Lady: It's gonna be a bestseller.

Man: Ok, that's a good start. What kind of book do you
think can be sold in this country?

Lady: It's gonna be international bestseller.

Man: Yeah, ok... so what kind of book do you think
can be like those of Dan Brown's or J.K Rowling's?

Lady: Naaahhh.... I don't think it's gonna be a
fiction after all.

Man: Ahah.... I think you're planning to write a

Lady: Argh, I'm not interested to dig in the history
of dead people.

Man: Biography books are not necessarily about people
who had died. You can write about somebody who
is still very much alive.

Lady: No, it's not gonna be a biography.

Man: Now, don't tell me you're gonna write about
politics, are you?

Lady: Hmmm.... maybe that will be a good choice.

Man: Hey, haven't you read somewhere that the best
advice to budding authors is to write things
that you know.

Lady: or... write about things that you're curious
about... or... things that fascinate you most?

Man: Well, that means you'll be putting a lot of
effort in research, endless hours of reading
past news, following the political development
of a certain country or person.

Lady: Nah... that won't be necessary.

Man: So, you're gonna pick facts from the air?

Lady: Not really.

Man: Tell me how you're gonna do it?

Lady: Do what?

Man: Well, you have to come up with the content if you
are going to write an international bestseller
political book.

Lady: You know what...

Man: What?

Lady: Let's just lock this idea of me wanting to
write an international bestseller somewhere
safe. Then, whenever I'm in the mood, we'll
discuss this again. How's that?

Man: Well, maybe that's a good idea for now. I'm
famished. Can we eat now?

Lady: Sure! I'm in the mood for some Banana
Chocolate cake! Yummmm...

That is not one of my real life drama. It's just
one of the ways to get you partner's attention.
Can try with a more 'out of this world' or crazy
ideas such as 'I wanna quit my job tomorrow',
'I want a huge gazebo, so that we could have
afternoon tea outside on weekends' or
'I want to be an actress (after I quit my job)'.

My suggestion of food you could enjoy after
that (supposedly) interesting discussion -
Pasta Marinara Aleo Style.

My suggestion of the next guy you can go
after should you fail to get your partner's
attention. Hihihi.


cikPijah said...

most male friends that i have don't have the patience to talk tht much unless it's about PS2 games or footie match.

kimi azhan said...

Dee, cuba topic - "Kalau you mati dulu, you kasi tak I kawin lain" or "kalau I mati dulu, you nak kawin lain tak?".... One of topics that gives me a better understanding of a man and his life, needs & wants!

Jade said...


UglyButAdorable said...

intention ader..that's good for a start..nyehh.nyehhh

Leilanie said...

The guy looks yummy enough...... hee hee

But..... hubby always listen (or at least he acts as if he is listening) to me..... so, fat chance for me to go after this yummy guy.

DNAS said...

Cik Pijah,
if the male friend layan kita borak topik bodoh2 tu, apa ke makna nya? Mungkinkah dia gay? Hahahahah.
errr... kalau I discuss that topic with my hubby my answer would be, "Whatever happens to any one of us, life goes on...(for the surviving one, of course)".
gelak kat sapa tu?
susah wooo nak cari topic yg hubby kita interested selain daripada cars, techie gadgets, Liverpool and S1ti Nurhaliza. hahaha.
sometimes my hubby bagi attention subsidi. Konon macam dengar tapi sebenarnya tak dengar. That yummy footballer nama dia Mark G0nzales.