Friday, August 25, 2006

My Cute Instructor

Yeah, I know... I've been away from the Blogosphere for almost a
week now. It was quite difficult to blog from the training room.
Even though I was given a very powerful workstation and very good
internet bandwith, I just felt awkward to be pouring out my
heart's content with the other participants staring from behind.
That would be also very rude for me to be blogging away while the
instructor was working so hard to teach us in order to ensure we
become cleverer and more competent.

And, as the title goes... yessss the instructor was cute! He's a
Certified Professional in his field. Yes, he's a Mat Salleh. Yes,
he's tall enough, young enough, lean body, strong hands, long legs,
flat abs (though I couldn't see the existence of six-pack), captivating
smile and soft voice.

I know those description might not be enough to tempt you (girls,
I mean) but trust me, he could be a really good catch.
Since he's been to this country for a few times, he was friendly
with us all and understood how Malaysians are like. He even insisted
to have Nasi Ayam during lunch (while I was craving for Pasta like
a mad woman then.. hahah).

The training I attended was on a Clusterware product from one of
the biggest hardware vendor in the world. Actually I have to attend
2 technical trainings that are pre-requisites for this one, but I
never had the chance to. However, amazingly I had no problem following
the hands on lab and understanding the course content. Thanks to
the instructor's good looks, that helped me a lot. Hehehe now I
understand what they boys were talking about when they said they
needed some 'inspiration' a.k.a hot girls with short skirts in
the office.

So, back to my cute instructor.... he not only made my day... he
made my whole week! :)

Well, before I go 'melalut' any further, I'm afraid I'll have to
break your hearts (yes, you single girls out there who are still
looking for soulmates and were silently praying that I'd be able
to introduce him to you soon..) My cute instructor is happily
married to a Minah Salleh. I spotted the wedding ring on his
finger the first day. So, these rules of thumb apply:

1. Jangan ambik laki orang
2. Jangan berangan nak ambik laki orang
3. Jauhi laki orang.

Have a fun weekend, people!


Leilanie said...

pasta.... this coming Friday, we'll eat to our hearts' content, OK.

Additional rule of thumb:
1. Kalau nak berangan pasal laki orang, berangan sorang-sorang dalam diam.
2. Kalau nak dekat dengan laki orang, keep away from touching his strong arms, or flat abs, or blue eyes.

oh, and one more thing.... pesal tak ambik gambor mat salleh ni? You nak drool sorang sorang jer? (ingatlah kawan-kawan you ni yang nakal tapi always apply the rules of thumb).

haa haa.....

Have a wonderful weekend.
See ya next Friday?

kimi azhan said...

My oh my...... inikah yg dinamakan sahabat? Cerita tanpa gambar ni... susah nak bayangkan! A photo will be a good help... hehehehe... but the rules still apply....

DNAS said...

Kimi and Leilanie,
sorry sesangat tak dapat nak ambik gambar mamat tu. We ate together tapi ramai sangat. So nampak macam weird la pulak kalau I nak ambik gambar dia sorang je.
So, bayangkan yang best-best aje lah... hihi