Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi-lights and low-lights of last week.

A birthday:

Look at those party packs in the living room with an Ultraman
guarding them the whole night. It was my eldest son's 5th
birthday last Thursday, and he was so excited about it.
My hubby initially bought chocolates and sweets
for the party pack, then he said 'Not enough'.
Then that night my son insisted we should go to
Jaya Jusc0 to buy some more food. So, we went and at the
supermarket he grabbed 6 more packs of 'junk' food he
said his friends loved so much. Then, I had to repackage
the party packs. While doing that I also had to listen to
him reciting the list of things he wanted for
his birthday. heheheh.... very demanding. Like mother
like son... :)

A wedding:

On Saturday, 19th August was Mr. Bad's wedding reception.
If I were to write an entry about Mr. Bad, I'd have to
take several days off from work.
Let's just say Mr. Bad used to be The Most Eligible
Bachelor in my former company and so many girls were after
him. However, he's also famous for
being a commitment freak and response time was very slow.
Some of the girls just gave up waiting for him. I'm glad he's
married now, hopefully no more hearts will be broken.

.... and a funeral:

On Sunday, were going to the hospital to visit my hubby's
cousin who was admitted last Friday due to some heart
problem when we received a call from my hubby's uncle.
Let's just say, we were about 60 minutes too late.
The cousin (we called her Kak L1na) passed away at
about 2.00 pm yesterday afternoon.
It was sad as I have never spoken to her. We met at
family gatherings, during Hari Raya, at her house,
at my house but we've never spoken. I knew it was
not my fault actually, she didn't really speak to
She was very thin, looked very fragile and had
always been in and out of the hospital due to her
physical condition. My hubby told me that she
had high fever when she was small and later on
her health condition deteriorated. In fact, her
development was not normal. She passed away
at the age of 40, but when I looked at her calm
face when we arrived at the hospital yesterday,
I thought she looked no older than 22. I still
remember when we shook hands whenever we met,
her hands were icy cold. She had not been well all
her life. May Allah bless her always.
I think all of us will miss her, even we've
only exchanged a few words over the last 6 years.


kimi azhan said...

Takziah on Kak Lina. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat... Amin. Your son belum pandai demand MP3 kan? My eldest dah tanya - "Ibu, bila kakak boleh ada handphone sendiri? yg ada camera tu?"... hmmmmmm???!!

DNAS said...

Thanks Kimi.
My son once said, 'Bila Wazif dah 20 tahun nanti, Wazif nak kereta sendiri.' to which I replied, 'Boleh, nanti Wazif dah kerja, kumpul lah duit, boleh beli kereta sendiri.'
Then dia buat muka confused, 'Wazif nak keje apa mak?'

Leilanie said...

haa haa
wait till they reach their teens.....

Emil in his life-time has managed to own the following items :
- bicycle(s)
- Discman
- CD player
- Piano
- iPOD
- Handphone
- PC/complete with mic and web-cam
- Electric Guitar
- PS1
- PS2


Soon.... it'll be a car, an apt and a wedding!

p/s :
Cantik your pink sandals :)

R2K said...

: )

DNAS said...

his long list includes:
1. sticker book
2. seluar superman (he already has the
baju superman - inflatable, I tell you...)
3. bola basketball
4. buku power rangers (lagi!)
5. Hot wheels cars (lagi!)

On Saturday, my hubby bought him (and the brother too) bicycles.

hey, thanks for dropping by. Why were you smiling? Mesti teringat zaman kecik2 dulu, kan? Hihihi...