Monday, September 04, 2006

Cool ladies....

Picture taken at P1zza Hut @ Giant KJ (again...) last Friday.
Err.. menyesalnya berdiri sebelah Zura yang comel cenonet
sebab that made me look like Giant diri sebelah Nobita.
Doraemon dok kat the left most (jangan marah Kimi.. hihihi).
Suniyo (Leilanie) dengan Shizuka (Na) control ayu manjang.

So, I'm gonna let the other 4 ladies to tell the whole detail of the
get together. I'm gonna write on what actually happened before the
lunch. No it was not about me 'mencangkul' laman in the morning. It
was a disturbing conversation I had with Wolf on Wednesday noon.

So, we had lunch that day somewhere in USJ. We were supposed to go
out with another friend of his, but it turned out the guy couldn't
make it that day. Hilang melesap entah ke mana mamat tu.

Dee: I'm taking Friday off.

Wolf: Where are you going?

Dee: I'm having a get together with my fellow makcik2 bloggers.

Wolf: You ni cepat sangat lah.

Dee: (Confused sekejap. Apa yang cepat pulak ni?)
Cepat? Apa yang cepat sangat tu?

Wolf: You lah...

Dee: I kenapa?

Wolf: Cepat sangat mengaku dah jadi makcik.

Dee: But these ladies are okay, they're cool you know!

Wolf: Iyelah tu, now you said nak hang out with makcik2.
10 years from now you realise you need a toy boy.

Dee: Erk... (almost tercekik tulang ikan.)
Hey, I'm not like that lah...

Then, for the rest of the afternoon I was talking
non-stop about all my lady friends including my
super-super-super seniors from school that I loved
hanging out with. I realised I was actually mad.
Why most guys just couldn't see that women above
30 and 40 (even 50 and 60) have interesting
personalities and lives?

We are still cool even though we're not in our 20s and still
enjoyed ourselves a lot in everything we do.
It's all about passion for life, I think. I have friends
who are in their late 40s and could still play
basketball well, mind you.

Happiness is in your heart, not in your husband, the
house or the kids you have.. and excuse me Mr. Wolf
no toy boy could bring us such happiness. We know
exactly how to fill up those holes and gaps (when there
exist any).

Hmmm... marah betul makcik hari tu.


cikPijah said...

saya setuju dengan akak! unlike men, women don't need pretty little thing ie young girlfriends to make them feel young n happy!

DNAS said...

Betul Cik P, maybe some women need shiny little things around their neck, wrist or fingers. Other than that perhaps that shiny plastic thing in the purse can help a lot.... :)
Young, handsome boys are welcomed provided they're in clown costumes... hahahaha.

NAH said...

...all u said were true, and we MUST do this get-together-thing more often... just to bring out the young-little girls in us.... don't u think??? hehehe..

So Italiannies ladies!!!!! here we come!

kimi azhan said...


Doraemon tak kisah (ala ala "Aiman-tak-kisah" tune).... Memang tepat pun description you tu. Just before I walked into the Pizza Hut, I have just emptied the "junk" in my handbag - that includes... sandwich wrapper, sweets wrappers, a "finished" long time ago tissue packet, a "dont-know-from-where" rubber bands and err some receipts beli brg2!

I dah load photo from hp ke laptop, tapi semalam kat rumah internet down. Tonite kena cuba lagi..

DNAS said...

kalau nak pegi Italiannies@The Curve, pegi after 6pm, baru boleh 'cuci mata'. But, Thursday evenings usually the place is very packed with people.

handbag I pun macam tu jugak. Luckily (or unluckily) my son tumpahkan air root beer 2 big cups kat my handbag last week, so terpaksalah I buang apa yang patut and washed the bag.

ku E said...

whey... maybe i could join if you do it mid of sept. i'll be there from 15-17th. but so far my time has been booked tentatively for 16th afternoon till night.

DNAS said...

on the 17th Sept ada Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research kat Lake Garden. Jom la join, takde joining fee, and tak payah lari pun, boleh lenggang kangkung je. To the rest, jommmmm aaaaa.... Check out this URL:

Leilanie said...

I had so much fun .......

nanti when I move to my new home, you help me with mencangkul, ok.
hee hee

p/s :
Women in their 30s are at their best!
(only real man knows that). heehee.

that weekend I'll be busy with the university's convocation.

Idham said...

:) salam...from a forever young gentleman :)