Friday, September 08, 2006

I dated Cik Pijah

Call it the after effect of The L Word marathon (in the office).
I decided to date Cik Pijah. Hahaha... doesn't sound dodgy
enough for you? Well, I actually dated Cik Pijah and we went
for hours doing it non-stop, our specialty of course... that was
talking and talking and talking and not to forget, eating.

We were so busy talking I forgot to take photo of us

If you haven't met Cik Pijah, well I can tell you that
she's one cute chatterbox. You can see her eyes sparkling
whenever she's talking about exciting stuffs such as
running on the treadmill every morning etc... Then when
she smiled her eyes will squint slightly. (Kembang Cik Pijah
... jangan tak kembang).

When we had a get together with the Lady Bloggers last
week I felt like I was 3 years younger. Then when I
went to a lunch date with Cik Pijah, I felt 8 years
younger, wow! Cik Pijah, I think you're a 'get younger'
witch. So, people if you want to feel even younger
go and date Cik Pijah... heheheh promo.... jangan tak
promo. But, for the guys... please remember to be
a gentleman and don't forget to walk her to the car
after your date because she's very particular about
that, okay..

Since I don't have the picture of us having a swell
time at KL Sentral, I hope you'll enjoy these pics
below... Kucheeeennggg.... kucheeeeennnggg... gumuknya
ini kucheeeenngggg....


Idlan said...

wah, tengok L Word juga ya.. heheh

UglyButAdorable said...

wwaahh..seronoknyerrrr...nanti kiter nak jalan2 pie rumah cik pijah...

cikPijah said...

no wonder the sudden high traffic coming fr ur blog! :P ada iklan promo rupanya! hahaha! i make u feel 8 years younger!! wohoo!!! i had a great time lunching with you too.

DNAS said...

Pirate punya daaa... Eh, kat UK senang dapat DVD pirate tak? Hihihi.

Jalan, jangan tak jalan....

Cik P:
Eh, how do you monitor the traffic flow, ek?

Jade said...

kak yang! how come you never date me? hehe.. btw, i'm still waiting for mr engrish... :-p

DNAS said...

janji nak date kat gym.... bila ni?
Tak pernah terserempak ngan Mr. Engrish since the spoiler incident. Sabarrrr.... sabar...

ku E said...

register here for an easy way for you to monitor the whose who came in to your blog ;)

kuE's tips: i never browse in to my own blog to get a correct figure of the traffic. i know we could ignore our own ip addy; but sometimes its wrong- i've checked it.

Angel Eyes said...

mari lah kita lunch beramai ramai.. baru meriah!

DNAS said...

thanks for your tip. You know me, when somebody mentioned about monitoring traffic flow, I'd imagine having some sophisticated C1sco software that is installed somewhere near the gateway etc.

jommmmm... jommmmm..... kecik tapak tangan, Stadium Kriket Bandar Kinrara saya tadahkan.

Idlan said...

Susah la Kak Dayang nak cari DVD pirate kat sini. I selalu top up stok kat Malaysia hahaha. Tapi kalau nak torrent lajulah :D