Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bon Voyage My Gym Buddy

We had a Bon Voyage dinner on Monday night for Alien
(and of course Erina) who are going to Brazil this week.
No, none of them is going to be in the soccer industry
whatsoever, both of them will be visiting their
teribbly missed and 'very-long-time-no-see' hubby/daddy.

Queen was also there at Friday's (completing all the puzzles and
crosswords that Erina started) clad in a rather too glamourous
baju kurung (that I've never seen her wore before). I must say
that Erina was rather a handfull, I couldn't imagine how Alien
is going to keep up with her in the 20++ hours long flights from
Kl to Brazil. Well, I did suggest to her that it might be an
interesting idea to bring Erina for a short tour in the plane's
cockpit... hihihi.... I could imagine Erina with her twinkly
eyes and mischievous smile pointing to all the switches, buttons,
indicators, gauge and whatnots while her mouth would mumble,
'Apa ni aaaa? Apa tu aaaaa?' And that can drive any pilot
crazy, hahahahah.

So, I'll be missing my gym buddy for the next one month or
so. Anyway, I've frozen my gym membership during the fasting
month, and I'll only be paying about 20% of the usual monthly
fee. Then, after Raya (hopefully after the 7th day of Raya) I'll
be back on the treadmill and cardio wave machine.

Next on the plan is to have a farewell bash for Queen. She'll
be leaving the current company to work in Cyberjaya. Once
Alien is back from Brazil and we're done with all the Raya
crazy eating we're holding the bash. Funny thing is none of
Queen's current colleague (except for Alien) will be invited
to the party. So, it's gonna be all friends from other
companies celebrating Queens departure from this particular company.
Heheheh, we are all intelligent weirdos, aren't we?
And it's gonna be an all-girls affair... wooohooooo .... imagine
that, 4 hours without man!! It'll be fun, I just knew it.


Zetty said...

comelnya Erina! Rasa nak cubit2 pipi dia.

Queens City said...

i have lots of baju kurung that i never wear to office... Should i wear it next week? Jadi macam kak yang pakai baju baru every day for the 5 last day u in company XXX....hehehehe

Or should i start wearing 2 inch shoes as well? and bla bla bla bla bla...

p/s- maklumlah...future company boleh pakai apa saja pegi ofis..except for baju tidur la kot...

cikPijah said...

oh my god! long flight with the kids! good luck! timing mcm bagus jer gym buddy tu gi cuti2 kan? :P selamat berpuasa.

DNAS said...

u cubit pipi dia, nanti dia cakap "Jangan aaaaa!"...

apa kata pakai 2 pasang baju satu hari. Pagi pakai satu, after lunch tukar baju lain.... Do it on the last 5 days in that company... hihihi... mesti best. Pastu, kasut ngan handbag mesti sedondon gitu...

Cik P,
dengar cite kat Brazil dah nak musim sejuk, sure puasa kejap je nih. Memang pandai minah nih.

UglyButAdorable said...

wwooiitt..comenyerrr...all girls affair?? bezzz jerrr

DNAS said...

kitorang bukan anti lelaki, tapi suka joli sesama pompuan je.
Ni takde kena mengena dengan The L Word, okay.