Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't Run Away, Run With Us..

Running for a good cause or was it brisk walking with a good cause?
What ever it was, I managed to complete the route of this marathon of h0pe.
There was no winner or loser, so everybody who participated was happy.
Although the run started quite late, we managed to complete the route
in less than an hour. There was a lot of free food enough to feed
every living soul in Borneo. The kids were so happy jumping and
climbing the huge inflatable fun-thing (I don't know what it's called!)

Two years ago I would have laughed at myself should I decided to
participate in a run. But, after a few people I knew died after
a few months of fighting cancer and recently a close friend of
mine was diagnosed with pr0state cancer, I'd not only run, I'd
even crawl to raise the money needed by scientist to find the
cure. I still couldn't erase the image of a friend's late husband
lying on the hospital bed, heavily drugged, not recognizing
the people surrounding him, and what's left of him then was
skin wrapped skeleton. He tried to move, but it was too
painful. He tried to speak, but some incoherent noise came
out instead of words. When I visited him he was too weak, and
two days later I got a message that he passed away about 24
hours after my visit. May Allah bless his soul.

It's a cruel disease. The sympthoms usually appear at a late stage.
It changes the lifes of the sufferrers and the people around them.
And not many can afford the treatment. The saddest part is nobody
is prepared for it. Perhaps the best thing to do tomorrow morning
is to go for a full body screening, and of course quit smoking.
Stay away from people who smokes, then start jogging for 1km every
weekend. Start living a healthy lifestyle, forget junk food and
fast food, do your own cooking. Choose only the fresh vegetable,
fish, meat and chicken. Drink mineral water only, if you're afraid
that the tap water is not safe.
Whatever we do, being precautious or not, it's still a cruel
disease, a silent killer. If it's not from the food we
consumed, it might be genetic. We can be as innocent as never
touched a single cigarette in our whole life, yet we can't
guarantee we're safe from it.

So, let's help find the cure. With that in mind, yesterday I ran/walked
3.2Km with my family and a few thousands more people who sacrificed their
morning sleep. It's going to be an annual event, so next year why don't
you come and run with us?

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