Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moving on

Finally, almost finally my questions will be answered soon.
Some earlier decisions might have to be reverted. It's about
time to change the gear. It's actually almost time to
embrace the change.

In a previous posting you might have read on my frustration
with the current state of my career as I was not seeing
or feeling any positive development in areas that I
enjoyed doing. I have already made some decisions, even
started looking for options outside.

Those were the moments when I felt like I've had enough
of this industry.

As if there's nothing more it can offer to me. Suffocated
with the scary thought that my career was becoming
stagnant, I decided that it was about time to do something
else that could turn out to be more rewarding and

I knew I was doing something rash and maybe stupid (or
maybe not at all). My friend and I have started
discussing on starting our own clothing line and how
we're going to do it from scratch. Nothing has
been put on paper yet, but we've been brainstorming
as if it's happening next month.

That was not all, I have also started looking for
publishers. Yes, I know that's quite ambitious (or
a bit stupid, again) of me to think that I may be
better off being a full time author. However, I was not
feeling foolish at all during a discussion I had with
one of the publishers. The representative explained
to me on the current market demand, the process and pains in
getting a book published.

Even though we didn't touch anything on royalty
and contracts, I could sense that local authors
(who is not interested to write on teenage romance)
wouldn't be anything near Mrs Rowling, or Sarah Waters.
Not even on my own land. Forget overseas market.
So, both plans were left tightly folded in logical
envelopes beneath the layers of my brain. I know
they'll resurface, but I decided to give another
chance to my career in IT.

I didn't know whether my manager has been following my
blogs (both here and at ITToolbox) or he did take
my opinion seriously (this post summarized the
discussion we had a few months ago

So, yesterday we had another discussion regarding my
career path. It seemed that he and the management team has
almost decided (not finalized yet), to redeploy me.
Considering my product knowledge and exposure in
the industry, I will be put in the Technical
Specialist group (it felt like a vertical movement
to me).

I was feeling like jumping up and down in his
room yesterday, thank god it was a glass room,
otherwise people as far as in Kota Damansara would
have felt the earth move.

It was so refreshing to know that I won't be doing
routine works anymore. There'll be a lot more time
spent with customers, interfacing with the other
units within the organization, and of course I'll
not be deployed to project sites anymore. Wow,
that's quite a relief.

And the better news is, my scope will probably
be on services only, not products.
I don't know the job title yet, but
I'm guessing it's going to be Techn1cal Serv1ces
Special1st. Well, if the management come up with
a less glamorous title, I'll make them change it.
And the conclusion is.... 'tak jadi resign'.

P/s: Actually my manager asked me to just keep
the news to myself, because it's not finalized
yet. So, people... just keep
it to yourselves, ok?


kimi azhan said...

Dee, congratulations in advance... hope the news turns to reality... kalau tak, hmmmmm tak tahu la apa you nak buat.. see you this friday, insya Allah.

DNAS said...

Thanks kimi,
baru nak dapat hidayah ni. Kembali ke pangkal jalan.

jade said...

yeay! congrats!

Leilanie said...

of course you can count on me in keeping this a secret.

idham's directory said...

ur blog url is in the directory.

be informed

DNAS said...

yeay! yeay! aritu masa jumpa kat Curve terlupa nak cerita pasal ni, hopefully ada additional $$$ sebab totally new job scope, kan?
of course I trust you. Nanti kita posing-posing lagi. Our photos taken on Friday belum upload lagi.. hihihi
thank you, i'll check out your directory right away.