Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ranting Places

I felt so proud and excited receiving an invitation from pourtavie angels to blog at that I said 'YES' right away. Yeah, this is one of the symptoms of people having too much thoughts in their head that they'd be so delighted to find a place to pour them to. I believe at times I do experience the 'thought overload' problem. It kept me awake at night, sometimes not able to sleep a wink before 4 a.m. There were also times when they occupied my mind too much, I found it difficult to focus while driving. Rather dangerous, huh?

So, I take this opportunity to thank the person or the group of people that came up with this blogging idea. I think all these started in the late 1990s, not sure on the exact month this thing kicked-off in the virtual world.

If you've been to pourtavie, you'd notice that there are a lot of articles and tips on making our lives more meaningful and of course - beautiful. I actually took quite sometime to come up with the idea on what I could contribute to the readers through pourtavie. I know nuts about cooking, not so much on relationship, haven't been travelling a lot, the interior decoration of my own house is a far cry from any of those featured in ID magazines, I'm still rather confused on how to bring my kids up and for some unexplainable reasons, I don't even know how to manage my money (no wonder I never had enough of them).

So, as most people would say, Write on things that you know about. Well, that left me with not much choices: IT, IT related stuffs, electronic gadgets, shoes, sex, music and movies. So, I decided, OK let's try IT related stuffs and how women can leverage on them. Yesterday I managed to complete the first posting and you can read it - of course at pourtavie.

And the beautiful angels are:

eh silap.... they are:


ku E said...

wa lau ley... terkezut i when i saw the first pic wakakakaaa... :D

DNAS said...

7 orang jugak, kan... dalam first pic tu... Itu kira pourtavie angels punya alter egos la kot.. Hahahaha.

Leilanie said...

Can I be the redhead.
Haa haa haa

Nice funny one.

DNAS said...

u like to be glamer one! I know...

Leilanie said...

Tak reti nyanyi..... so, jadi backup singer laplup laplup merah, pun jadi lah.... hee hee