Friday, September 29, 2006

Out of control.

Well, there were B0rders' coupons in The Sun today (they're valid till next

Wenaz and me got nothing to do during lunch hour.

We decided to shop.

We were not sure whether we should go to Ms. Read or B0rders.

Then I said B0rders, because I need to have a look at some books.

We went to B0rders.

I picked up the basket (that was the biggest mistake today).

We went out of control and 20 minutes later we found ourself with 11 books
worth about RM400. (Of course we paid for much less after 20% discount
on them.)

I'll be very busy this weekend - reading these books.


UglyButAdorable said...

uuiii...byknyer...maybe we can trade some books yee...enjoy reading gurl!!! selamat berpuasa to u n pourtavie angels!!

DNAS said...

jom aaa berbuka bersama... apa kata u organize? Heheheheh...
As for the books, nanti I put the reviews here first, then you can pinjam, if interested. :)