Monday, October 02, 2006

Poetry from the IT Era

I just wonder
If you've ever
Logged on to the Instant Messenger
Just to make sure
That a particular ID was online.
If it did
You just sat back
And let out a relieved sigh.
But later on didn't send any buzz, wink or message
You just smiled once in a while, thinking
'Yeay, this friend is online, we felt so near.'
Then when that particular ID was offline.
You sulked all day
Then logged off from the Instant Messenger
Only to log back in every 20 minutes
Just to make sure
or just in case
That particular ID was suddenly logged in.

** This is what happens to me when I'm hungry. *Sigh*


cikPijah said...

silalah gunakan invisible mode. ;)

how's puasa?
dah baper buku abes baca?

wohoo!!! it rhymes tooooo

Kak Teh said...

I am one of those invisible online,
If anyone says helo, then I am fine,
If not I surf, and bloghop till nine,
Till my eyes hurt and so is my behind.

Selamat berpuasa!

Angel Eyes said...

senang guna invisible mode.

Wah, bayk buku tu... what's the title? Any interesting ones?

DNAS said...

Cik P,
if that fren is in invisible mode, lagilah tension...
My puasa.... melepek...

Kak Teh,
waaa... u so terrer... what a beautiful piece.

I baru abis 2 buku. Nanti I cite dalam online preview.

Jade said...

i have! i have! i have!

and feel desolate whenever that ID don't send a buzz, a wink, a smile. *rhubbarb!*

DNAS said...

kesian kan? Kita sungguah pathetic.

Queens City said...

ye...korang sungguh pathetic... (dgn muka poyo ku mengeluarkan kata-kata itu...)

DNAS said...

iye, kitorang jujur mengakui kitorang ni pathetic sebab kitorang tak hipokrit... hihihi.